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NYC Insider Guide shows you some lesser known ways to really save BIG on New York City Hotels, which often end up being the biggest expense on a NYC vacation. Sometimes, searching the big global hotel databases can be helpful, but I have seen them promote hotels very far from Manhattan and even illegal apartment rentals and B&Bs. However, there are PLENTY of ways to save on quality Manhattan hotels and here are a few options. – Choose Value Deals

NYC Value Hotel Deals

The NYC hotel list has a great little feature called Value Deals. You must put in travel dates to see the feature on left sidebar, since it is highly customized by your vacation dates. Make sure to check the box to filter only their best deals!

If your dates are flexible, does an excellent job of showing you cheaper travel dates and also highlighting their top listings with a special "deal" sign in the hotel results.

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Use Trip Advisor the Smart Way

Trip Advisor Save New York City Hotels

Everyone knows you can head to Trip Advisor and search rates and reviews. But, this can often mean 100s of pop up windows, price comparisons and not being certain of a hotel location.

Here are some insider tips on searching TA for great hotel deals.

  1. Go straight to the New York City Deals page and look for "Great Value" after the hotel name
  2. At the time of this writing, the Chelsea Pines Inn is both the #1 hotel in ALL of NYC and the #1 Affordable hotel! How great is that?
  3. How did I know that? I looked at the Best Cheap Hotels in New York City page
  4. Another great TA trick is to search all NYC Special Offers, which is different than their NYC deals page. Special offers include all kinds of perks, like Free Breakfast, WiFi or parking, double hotel points, free walking tours and more.
  5. Traveling in the next few weeks? Check their New York City Last Minute Hotel Deals page. I just saw a 4-Star hotel going for $134 per night!
  6. Lastly, if you want to see all my hand picked hotels on TA, or to narrow down by neighborhood or location, these links will take you straight to current rates and reviews of all my recommended Best New York City Hotels.

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The New York Deals Page has some of the best hotel rates I’ve seen in my 8 years of writing this website. Some of the hotels I recommend on this site start at $56, $83 and $90. That is CRAZY! consistently offers dirt cheap rates, cash back, last minute deals and specials and multiple booking options.

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NYC Hotel Promo and Discount Codes

How to Save on New York City Hotels

We do our best to keep track of many promo and discount codes offered for NYC hotels (always a work in progress!)

Many times, you will get the best rate at a specific hotel website, so it’s worth comparing discount rates directly at a hotel’s website.

Current NYC Hotel Discount Codes

Marriot Deals

Best Western Deals

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More Hotel Savings on NYC Insider Guide

Hotel Week New York City

  1. Cheap Budget Hotels in NYC – Clean, centrally located and under $100 per night? Yes, it’s possible! Not always, and you may have to make some compromises, like a shared bathroom, but these are my top picks for those on a budget.
  2. Discount NYC Hotels are located in central Manhattan and start at $25 per night. These accommodations are open to public, but are not always listed on generic hotel travel websites or they may be listed as ‘specialty lodging’ and sneak right past you.
  3. Hotel Week New York City – held in January, is a GREAT time to save big on hotel rooms which usually go for $500 or more per night.

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How to Save on Hotels in New York City

Check out all our tips and dozens of promo codes to help save on NYC Hotels. Whether you are visiting NYC on a budget, or just looking to save a little on luxury, we share all our insight on How to Save on Hotels in New York City.

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