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The NYC Printable Map Guide Book Package is perfect for those who want an overview of NYC in 5 minutes and want to know what is where so you can start the good stuff – planning your trip to make the most of your time and money. If you have been scouring the web trying to find NYC street maps, directions, attraction locations and prices and are tired of all the printouts, the NYC Printable Map Guide Book Package was created to save YOU time, money and the hassles of vacation planning.

“L-O-V-E this guide! It’s well thought out, easy to read and easy to follow with a very sensible layout. I can tell whomever wrote this put a heck of a lot of thought into every section. Thanks so much for this awesome book. This is going to make this our best NYC trip by far."

– Brenda, PA

New York City Printable Guides

NYC Printable Map Guide Book
NYC Printable Map Guide Book

NYC Map Guide Printable Bonus

New York City Travel Guide
NYC Travel Guide

NYC Printable Map Guide Book Download Now


Plan NYC the EASY Way Right from Home

Our Printable Guide works great on laptops, desktops and tablets. Can even be used on your phone in landscape mode.

NYC Print Map of Manhattan

Your guide is a lifesaver! I purchased it almost a week ago for my upcoming trip after searching on a lark for NYC sample sales. Once I stumbled on your page, I found the resources invaluable. I have done a fair bit of planning in preparation for my ‘real’ first time trip to Manhattan (last time was a shoot in and go back out weekend) and was amazed at how organized and easy this guide was to follow. The map points along with listings are terrific, they even have cross streets for easier navigation.”

Every Manhattan Neighborhood in Detail

You can not get lost with our guide. Guaranteed!

Print Manhattan Neighborhood Maps

NYC Printable Map Guide Book Package

Download over 100 pages of NYC maps, information and recommendations in less than 5 minutes!

  1. NYC Insider Print Guide – 41 pages of detailed NYC Maps by neighborhood with personal recommendations of what to do and see, where to shop and eat
  2. Bonus Maps – 13 page downloadable Map Bonus Guide. My hand picked BEST of the many free, downloadable maps online, formatted in one easy-to-print file
  3. New York City Travel Guide bonus – What to Know BEFORE You Go. 35 pages of Vacation Planning tips to help you plan your trip so you make the absolute MOST of your time and money in NYC.

“Honestly this was the best book I’ve ever purchased and it was worth every single dollar I spent on it!! Thank you so so much.”

– Shirin

NYC Printable Map Guide Book

NYC Printable Map Guide Book

An organized, easy to follow, color coded guide to NYC. The Printable NYC Guide includes detailed maps of every neighborhood, weekly chart of Free Museum Days and Times and free weekly neighborhood tours, Best of NYC Categories and lists by ALL native New Yorkers and much more. Print as many copies as you like, share them with friends and family and ONLY take the pages you need while you’re travelling.

NYC Map Guide Printable Bonus

Bonus #1 – NYC Map Guide Printable Bonus Guide

The NYC Printable Map Guide Package includes a 13 page downloadable Bonus Guide. Having gone through all the top New York City sites, I compiled many of the other free, downloadable maps and put them in one file. These included local neighborhood maps with stores and shops block by block put together by our local NYC neighborhood associations. These printable maps include:

  • New York Explorer Pass Attractions Map
  • Rockefeller Center Map
  • Times Square Neighborhood Map
  • Grand Central Business District Map
  • Flatiron District Map
  • Lower East Side Map
  • Chinatown NYC Map
  • Downtown Financial District Map
  • Central Park Map
  • NY Department of Culture Free Museum Guide

*Note: Some of the maps are very graphic intensive and may be large files.

New York City Travel Guide

Bonus #2 – New York City Travel Guide

Our bonus FREE New York City Travel Guide is your NYC PRE VACATION Guide, sort of like, “New York City 101.” This book is an overview of NYC to help you PLAN your trip so you make the absolute MOST of your time and money here. Think of this book as the guide to answer all the most commonly asked questions and avoid the most common NYC Vacation and Trip Planning mistakes. There is only ONE WAY to get the bonus FREE New York City Travel Guide.

“I am very impressed with all the research you did. I am not a novice to New York, but I know this time I will be very well-prepared for the visit thanks to you! I can’t wait! Thank you for putting this book together. Going to go read some more about New York now!!”

– Connie

New York City Printable Guides

NYC Printable Map Guide Book
NYC Printable Map Guide Book

NYC Map Guide Printable Bonus

New York City Travel Guide
NYC Travel Guide

NYC Printable Map Guide Book Download Now


NYC Printable Map Guide Book – the Original Guide

First hand, practical, organized New York City information you can download and print with one click is hard to find, so I took the best of this site, added maps, directions and details, and created a Print Guide to New York City.

It wasn’t just me – ALL my lifelong, multi-generational NY friends and family contributed (Best Pizza in NYC? It turned into a war!)

Included in the NYC Printable Map Guide Book

  • A simple, easy-to-read one page overview of NYC including the top 20 attractions and every NYC neighborhood, all mapped on one page, so you immediately know “what is where” and distances between places
  • My own weekly chart of many of the Free Museum Days and Times, along with the free weekly neighborhood tours
  • A current list of the major attraction costs (Adult prices only), so you can budget and see which New York City Pass is right for you, based on your personal itinerary and preferences
  • Detailed maps of every NYC neighborhood, along with top Things to Do and See, my personally recommended restaurants by neighborhood, Shopping, Subways and a few key hotels. If there is a NYC Insider Tip – it’s in there.
  • Central Park Map overview with top areas and sights highlighted
  • Subway map with description of each subway route and tricks and tips for using the subway and getting around
  • A city map of all the NYC Visitor Centers, where you can find thousands of discounts and coupons on everything from tours to Broadway Shows
  • Best of NYC Categories and lists by ALL native New Yorkers! I’ve read what other tourists say on some other websites, and I’m telling you, they missed out on what we REALLY do and eat here! Even I learned A TON of new information just by compiling the guide.
  • Each category is shown by neighborhood, so you always know what is where, with street addresses and cross streets,
  • Best of NYC lists include: Museums, Pizza, Parks, Kid’s Activities, Kids Restaurants, Discount Shopping, Romantic Places, Farmer’s Markets and much more!

“My friend and I just got back from our first trip to NYC. Your guide was GREAT!! We used it everyday. I particularly loved how there were suggestions for each area/neighborhood! That was very useful!”

Print NYC Insider Guide Preview

Note: The guide is current for 2022, but I haven’t redone the video

“This guide is SO much more than I expected. Thanks Melissa, there is a lot info in your guide that would have taken me awhile to find on my own, if ever!"

– Ronda

New York City Printable Guides

NYC Printable Map Guide Book
NYC Printable Map Guide Book

NYC Map Guide Printable Bonus

New York City Travel Guide
NYC Travel Guide

NYC Printable Map Guide Book Download Now


100% Money Back Guarantee

NYC Insider Guide Money Back Guarantee

The NYC Insider Print Guide comes with a 7-day full money back guarantee! If you are not 100% completely satisfied with your purchase, just email us your original Paypal receipt email and we will refund your purchase via Paypal within 5 business days (usually sooner). All we ask is for honest feedback as to why the guide did not meet your expectations.

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“I can’t wait to visit NYC later this month. I LOVE the color coded maps, price guides, dining resources, etc.! It is so much easier to use than any guide I’ve used before. Thanks again!”

Back to Top of NYC Printable Map Guide Book

NYC Printable Map Guide Book

As far as I can tell, it is THE ONLY downloadable guide to NYC on the internet. If you’ve been looking for answers to questions like:

  • Where is a good printable map of New York City?
  • How far is the Statue of Liberty from the Empire State Building?
  • Where should I eat in Midtown?
  • Where can I print a subway map and how do I use the subway?
  • What is the best way to plan my 2 (or 3, 5 or 10) day vacation so I make the most of my time and money?

The NYC Insider Guide is here to help. Even as a lifelong New Yorker, some of this information was hard for me to find. I looked at a few tourist guides, dozens of websites, made a few calls to Museums and other attractions and used all the great free maps I have just from being in NYC all my life. Then I ate a LOT of pizza, because you can only write about great food for so long before you MUST eat some…yummmmmmm!

Excellent guide! I am traveling for the first time to New York City in September and this guide will help me not miss out all the great attractions NYC has to offer.

Why a Downloadable Guide or E-Book? 

  • Get it RIGHT NOW!
  • Save time and money while you are planning, and all through your vacation. Plus, no shipping costs.
  • Always up to date. If I go to new, great restaurant, it will be in the EBook in a week. The information in hard copy travel guide books is usually at least one year old, often older. In New York City – that’s a lifetime!
  • Get free updates for a year. Guide Book updates are tracked here. Just email anytime within a year of purchase and I’ll send you an updated Guide. So even if your trip is 6 months away, you can start planning now, and get an updated guide right before your trip.
  • It is near impossible to get lost in NYC using this guide. You will always know where you are and how to get somewhere else.
  • Make as many copies as you want. If your group splits for a time during vacation, everyone can have a copy!
  • No need to carry a heavy book while on vacation. You print it on your own 8.5″ x 11″ paper and when you’re here, just take the pages you need for the day. You can write on them, fold them, stick them in your back pocket. Each page in the EBook is the equivalent of 2-4 pages in a hard copy travel guide.
  • Just finished up at the Empire State Building and want to grab the best slice of Pizza in the neighborhood? Or you loved the view so much, you want to grab a cocktail with a skyline view? We got you covered. 

“What a tremendous resource. The maps are amazing and I love all the personalized and useful information you’ve put into your ebook. It’s like having a friend in New York showing me around and looking out for me.”-Brad, Austin, TX

New York City Printable Guides

NYC Printable Map Guide Book
NYC Printable Map Guide Book

NYC Map Guide Printable Bonus

New York City Travel Guide
NYC Travel Guide

NYC Printable Map Guide Book Download Now


What’s Not Included? 

  • The guide covers only Manhattan. It does not include Harlem, Brooklyn, Staten Island, Queens or the Bronx.
  • Phone numbers, hours of operation (opening/closing times of attractions), cash/credit card acceptance, except where noted.
  • Exact restaurant pricing. Exceptionally expensive (over $50/pp) or cheap (less than $10 or free) meals are noted, but the rest are somewhere in between. I do tell you what NY-ers think are the best restaurants.
  • I put in some NY Style addresses, like 53rd and 9th Ave. If you’re there and can’t find what you’re looking for, ask anyone – New Yorkers LOVE to answer questions. More people will be able to help you with NY style addresses than if you said, “1675 Broadway.” Hardly anyone knows addresses in NYC (not even taxi drivers).
  • History, Architecture, Photos. The guide is mostly “just the facts.” The Empire State Building tour tells you how and when it was built. You can also get a supplemental guide, or wait until you are in NYC, where there are several hundred guide choices in the bookstores, as well as dozens of free tourist guides with this information. 

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What’s the Catch?

Simple. The actual information is available almost anywhere online – you don’t need the NYC Printable Map Guide Book to tell you the Statue of Liberty is in NYC, you already knew that. Much of it is even on this site. However…

No where is it organized and presented to you in this easy-to-follow and print format, with clearly color-coded printable maps and Insider info on where to go for the best and best-value food, shopping, activities, etc. NYC’s “best of the best” is not is spread by word of mouth.

Back to Top of NYC Printable Map Guide Book

Do I still need the NYC Insider Guide website?

Yes. The site still has a lot of information not in the NYC Printable Map Guide Book, such as online planning steps in our NYC Vacation Tips, Cool Events by Month, Broadway Ticket and Discount info, photographs and details on Sightseeing Passes. However, other than time-sensitive information, the book contains a lot of what you need to plan, and most everything you need once you’re here. The only additional thing to print might be the Monthly Events page for the time you are here.

“Very easy to read and very useful information. Easy to print out and handy to take with you. Love the way it is divided into areas with maps for reference Keep up the good work.”

New York City Printable Guides

NYC Printable Map Guide Book
NYC Printable Map Guide Book

NYC Map Guide Printable Bonus

New York City Travel Guide
NYC Travel Guide

NYC Printable Map Guide Book Download Now


How do I get the NYC Insider Print Guide?

Simple, pay $19.99 and download it immediately to your computer.

  1. Click the button below
  2. Pay securely through Paypal, using either your Paypal account or credit card.
  3. Right after you click “Pay Now,” the screen will say “You are now being redirected to FilmProposals-NYC Insider Guide” Wait the 5 seconds until you are redirected.
  4. If for any reason, you are not redirected, don’t worry. Within a few minutes, you will receive 2 emails from me. One will have your invoice number and receipt. The other will contain a link to download the Guide, good for 5 days and 5 attempts.
  5. SAVE the email with the link and my email, just for buyers, should you want an updated Guide within a year of purchase. Guide Book updates are tracked here.
  6. If you have any trouble after a few hours, please Contact Me.
  7. Requirements: The file is in Adobe PDF, over 3.0 MB in size and should be printed in high quality color, as the detailed maps and keys will show best this way.

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NYC Insider Guide Print Sneak Preview

You want to SEE the NYC Printable Map Guide Book, right? No worries, I would, too. This is the Internet, after all. Right away, you can download a few sample pages, best when used with our NYC Perfect Vacation Planning guide.

NYC Downloadable Guide Maps
New York City Printable Neighborhood Map

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A) Don’t worry. Within a few minutes, you will receive 2 emails from me. One will have your invoice number and receipt. The other will contain a link to download the NYC Printable Map Guide Book, good for 5 days and 5 attempts.

NYC Printable Map Guide Book Package

Download over 100 pages of NYC maps, information and recommendations in less than 5 minutes!

New York City Printable Guides

NYC Printable Map Guide Book
NYC Printable Map Guide Book

NYC Map Guide Printable Bonus

New York City Travel Guide
NYC Travel Guide

NYC Printable Map Guide Book Download Now



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  1. Hello Melissa,

    Thank you very much for putting this guide together. We are planning our first trip to NY, and you saved us lots of time. I’ll have it printed in the best possible quality at a local printing shop next week.

    Some constructive criticism is more around design and presentation than content:
    • It’d be nice to have a black-and-white version of the maps with larger prints, maybe as part of the bonus guide.
    • Some of the maps look pixelated (at least on the screen, I’m yet to see how they look once printed on paper). One example is the subway map on page 7.
    • The map’s style, size, and zoom are inconsistent. “Neighborhoods maps” courtesy of open street maps vs. “Garment District/ Fashion Center” vs. “Broadway District and Times Square” (which looks more like a Google maps screenshot), so some people might find the content difficult to see.


  2. These guides have been so helpful and made my life much easier. I️ surprised my boyfriend with a trip to NYC in March. He doesn’t know where we’re going yet so I️ am alone in planning this. Thank you so much for dedicating your time to making these!

  3. I purchased the guide 3 days ago. Overall I like the content. I like that the guide gives a brief introduction to the NYC layout at the beginning and dive into details.

  4. not user friendly in printing guides out.
    nyc bonus guide would not print out entirely.
    left out left hand side of several pages.
    i.e. limo and taxi guide and later pages that were overwide.

    • Hi Monty – it sounds like you did not have printer setting trouble with the NYC Printable Guide, but rather with the Bonus Guide. And the pages you mention come after this page, “After this page, additional bonus maps follow that are downloaded from other sites and combined into one file. The formatting may be
      off and they are very graphic intensive (will eat up your printer ink). We suggest reviewing each page to ensure it’s something you want
      to print.”

  5. Hi Melissa, Just downloaded the guide this week for our family trip this fall. I’m really loving it – the classic attractions but a few new-to-me items as well and I like that you’ve added your own commentary and opinions. Also I think it’s a good mix of family/couples/singles recommendations. Thank you for putting this together – it has helped make my trip planning so much easier!


    • Hi Melanie: The email you replied to said on the first line, “You can download file(s) for NYC Insider Guide Print Package at [link]. Please note, download link(s) will expire after 120 hours from now or after 5 attempts, whichever event happens first.”

      You can request a new link be sent, but I suggest following the initial instructions to maximize your time limit on downloading the guides.

  6. As a former New Yorker (always a New Yorker but moved), the printable guide is a really good tool. Although a New Yorker, it’s been many years since we visited New York. The first thing I looked for was some guide to give us a starting point of where things are in various locations within the city. 911 memorial location and distance to the majestic theater, distance to Harry Potter store. The printable map is awesome because it shows us the streets and will keep us on track with respect to direction. Thank you

    Be blessed……

  7. The most well organized and complete guide I have discovered during my online search for visiting New York City!

  8. These are a fantastic tool to plan a trip to NY. Ive have been a few times and can never get my head around the layout. This guide and the maps are easy to follow and give lots of tips on restaurants, attractions and shopping. It will definitely save my feet a couple of 1,000 steps!

  9. Leaving in 2 days for NYC. I love what I’ve seen so far in your maps! There are several places I’m mapping out tonight and tomorrow. – Judy

  10. WOW, We are planning my first trip to NYC, and its all so overwhelming with the number of places to see and things to do! I am a visual person and need to see it on paper!! I have been trying to create my own map… but it just wasn’t right, because, well, I have no first hand knowledge. HA!! I found your guide and I am so relieved, it is everything I wanted and more that I didn’t know I needed!! This will make planning the trip and navigating once we arrive SO.MUCH.SMOOTHER! Thank you!!!

  11. Doesn’t help me at all; total waste of $20! Doesn’t help with planning my vacay and knowing best subway routes for various places. I need to know which lines run above ground and which ones are above (i.e. from Yankee Stadium to Central Park, I know there is one line that is under ground and one where you board more like street level), and can’t tell from any of the information about Yankee Stadium. Only good information is knowing hours and costs of various places/museums (which one could look up online and NOT pay the $20). Disappointed

    • Hi Stephanie – your refund has been sent. I’m not sure why you thought there would be train info on which lines are above or below ground or why that would even matter to anyone? Most lines run both – they are ALL underground in Manhattan and many go above ground once in the boroughs. The video and screenshots are what’s in the book. Did you review them in advance of your purchase?

  12. Thank you for sharing your knowledge and experiences. I love your NYC guide. Genuinely appreciate your tips; these are the most valuable bonuses for anyone who travels.

  13. Dearest Melissa –
    The materials you provided are top quality.
    1. For restaurants it would be helpful to indicate price ranges with the traditional $ $$ $$$ $$$$ method.
    2. Hotels – it would be good to list price ranges.
    3. You might also list some other references (free and paid) that would allow your reader to further explore NYC.
    4. Listing prices for cultural activities, in addition to the free times you describe, would be great.

    You have created superb products! I can’t wait to receive the bonus NYC Travel Guide. May the good Lord protect you and keep you safe.

  14. Hi Melissa,

    I reviewed the different graphs, images. Maps and find it very informative. It’s been 13 years since I have been back to NY and hope this helps me while I am there. I am taking my kids to experience one of the best cities I have visited.

    Can you please email me the NY City Travel Guide? Can’t wait to see that.

    Thank you

  15. I thought the Insider Guide was EXCELLENT, with only 1 small disappointment. The map for Broadway/Times Square did not have enough “contrast” and was not one of the better maps. Suggestion: I would have liked a map showing all of the Broadway theaters, a section explaining what qualifies a “Broadway Theater” to be so named (also off Bway, etc) and some information on seating charts for the major show theaters. I did post a picture to my FB page and have completed this “review” but I also paid $19.99 to receive this and, although WELL WORTH the money, I would have liked the extra content without all the additional hoops to jump through. I have only glanced through the info so perhaps I missed something; if so, please forgive me!

    Wishing you all the best in your future endeavors and kudos for a job well done!

    Cathy Nail

    • Hi Cathy:

      Thanks so much for the feedback. There should be 2 maps of Times Square in the guide – the ones at the bottom of this page: (1 with stores and 1 with a theater map in pink with our restaurant recs along side it). Which map is not clear for you or didn’t print well?

      As for theaters, more than 499 seats is Broadway, 100-499 is Off Broadway and less than 100 is Off-Off Broadway.

      You are the first person to suggest including theater maps to print in over 12 years, and we will definitely consider it! We do include them on all our pages about the shows we write up on the website (including our best tips on where to sit – like when NOT to book the front few rows) and they are shown by every ticketing site when you look to buy tickets.

      Hope that clarifies things for you.

      Warmest Regards,

  16. I was very happy to come across your very informative guides of the city. I went to college in Manhattan and now 20 years later I am finally taking my husband back to NYC and I want to show him all of my favorite places and also the little things like…where I ate lunch everyday, my first apartment and my first few jobs. I love that I can refresh my memories of the streets and layouts with your maps and guides and I also love that I can see what restaurants have closed or what some of my favorites have branched out to….and thank you so much because now I am going to look like a “real New Yorker” to my husband.

  17. I am pleased with the information in this guide. I now have a visual of the area and to determine how to get where I want to go

  18. I just purchased the insiders guide. I was initially disappointed because I thought I was purchasing print material that would be mailed to me. I am unable to print myself at this time. I did look through the material and there are several pages of immense interest to me. So, now I will have to go to a service place and get these pages printed. So, I’m happy to have them, but like I said I was looking for printed information to be sent to me. I wish I could see everything on my upcoming trip and this guide provided even more than I have put on my itinerary, so repeat trips will be on my wish list. But as far as some targeted information I was looking for, I found it in the guide so thank you.

  19. Great guide – been looking for a neighborhood by neighborhood map with all streets with suggestions that go deeper than the most obvious tourist attractions. Lived in NYC for 6 years now but found a ton of new things to explore with this guide.

    Only constructive feedback would be if the road maps could just go that last 1% to go from 99% of streets captured to 100% – e.g. Gay Street, Weehawken in west village. Probably a personal thing as I’m trying to walk every street in Manhattan and using the guide maps to keep track.

    Thank you!

  20. This guide is fantastic! I love the maps, they are so helpful for figuring out our itinerary and the info is just what I was looking for. Thank you so much!

  21. Love the Print Guide. Going to NYC Dec 13-17; I’ve been there in November but that was at least 10 years ago. Thanks
    Great Guide

  22. Hi there, what a fabulous guide
    I look forward to planning my trip in December
    I think that it would be even better if i could print in colour
    Not sure what I’ve done to my printer
    So glad I found your guide looking forward to get my free extra
    many thanks julie

  23. Great way to tour New York at your own pace. This list has all the ‘Must See’ spots. I would totally recommend this to any first timer to New York

  24. Hello. I really loved the guide. It lists everything and is very handy to use. I’m looking forward to the free bonus guide!

  25. Thank you for the guide, I think it will be very helpful to us when we visit this December. I love the details of the map. We’ve never been so we’re excited to tour your city! We’re from the New Orleans area and I wish they had something like this available for the many tourists we get yearly.

    Kindest regards,

  26. Honestly this was the best book I’ve ever purchased and it was worth every single dollar I spent on it!! Thank you so so much. – Shirin

  27. Great information! My favorite is the part about discount Broadway tickets. Being from Nj I knew about discount tickets but never knew if it was legit, thanks to you I now have the correct information I needed.

  28. Many thanks! I think your guide is very good actually, am studying it now for end of May. I always buy many guides to whatever target I envisage, in order to save time (and money) for essentials when I am there, and I think you’ve done this guide very well. Best/JT

  29. Hi – Thank you for working so hard to keep these amazing resources up to date. We are planning a trip to New York, and I am loving the detail that these resources provide. Thanks again.

  30. Hello Melissa, thank you for your wonderful Insider Guides. They are very helpful for planing. There is so much more insider information than in any book you can buy. Great!

    Kindest regards,

  31. Thank you Melissa! We are taking our daughter this month for her 30th birthday! This is a first trip for us all! I have already downloaded and printed out my guide and so far it is exactly the info we need! We are going to see and experience New York! We want to eat where the locals do, and see all we can in three nights and four days! Thank you so much!

    Roger and Tammy
    Magnolia, AR

  32. The guides are exactly what we were looking for to help us navigate NYC and the highlights of each area. THANK YOU for taking the time to put this together. 🙂

  33. Hi There! Fantastic, easy to read maps – for a country bumpkin like me – so easy to understand. I look forward to reading the travel guide! Thank you.

  34. Amazing Melissa. This is my second copy! Congratulations for this always excellent guide. I have been living in this area for 18 years, but I still leave the guide as a treat when people come to visit me by their bed. So comprehensive! I look forward to receiving the travel planning guide.

  35. Thanks Melissa, I think this will save me a bit of research and will be helpful to print out for walking around manhattan. Dividing it into the different neighbourhoods and different topics is also helpful. I look forward to reviewing the maps next. Defiantly worth the Spend. Cheers from Australia, Helen

  36. I am currently planning a trip with 13 other ladies for January 2 – 6, 2020. Your guide highlights many of the things that we are interested in. The subway information will be very useful to get us where we want to go. We will definitely check out the information centers. Do you have any daily itineraries that you could share? – April

  37. Loving the guide so far! I’ve been studying it for our upcoming trip. My favorite part is that you’ve provided what to see and where to eat in each area! We will be taking our cheat sheets with us as we visit each place! Honestly, I am not sure what you could have done better – it is so detailed, I love it! Maybe your top choice for eats in each area for the foodies? From a local’s point of view? I know we like to know where the locals go when we eat out. But I am sure we will find plenty of yummy places in your guide, so I’m not concerned a bit there! The maps are great too! Very good information. We will be in NYC for 8 days and I know we will be using the guide and maps a lot!

    Thank you for putting all of the great information together – it will make this rural Texan’s visit to the big city much easier! Looking forward to the bonus guide!

    Thank you, Patti, Texas

  38. Thanks so much for recommending this wonderful guide. It has everything I need for my upcoming trip to New York. I will be a lot less stressed because of this. I recommend it to anyone who is contemplating going to New York. This tells about how to plan so we will not miss any of our places we want to visit. Once I sat down and looked thru this guide it is truly an exceptional guide to New York City. Thanks for the recommendation. I will recommend it to everyone I know who plans a trip to New York. Thank you so much.

  39. I am feeling so much more confident regarding getting around the city with the guide! It is our first trip to NYC and this will be with me at all times as my reference. Thank you so much for creating this, it is just what I needed to make changes and add to our itinerary because I can follow the maps. Thank you again!! Respectfully, Kelley and my crazy crew 🙂

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  41. This guide is great. I was born and raised in The Bronx New York and my husband and I love the city. We live in New Jersey now but are always in the City. Now, when we have visitors from out of state, we can take them around the city better.

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    I particularly liked the analysis of the various NYC sightseeing passes as well as the authentic highlights, including restaurants and hotels, per neighborhood accompanied by map points. Yesterday, my accommodations fell through (I booked them in December) and I immediately went to this guide and looked up hotels to re-book. Thank you, thank you, triple thank you!

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    So much more than I had originally expected when your site had come up off of my Google search. Keep up the excellent work. – Lawrence

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    This has helped us a lot .Me and my friend surprised our our 15 year old daughters with a trip to NYC in June. It is our first time. I am happy I stumbled across your Insider Guide. I’m still very confused about the Statue of Liberty do you pay or do you not have to pay? Maybe you could explain that in your guide. Also the MOMA do you pay to get into it if you have bought one of the attraction passes. The NY City pass say’s you don’t but from what I read on Trip Advisor you do.
    It is a very useful tool
    Thank You, Jody

    Hi Jody:
    Thanks so much for your feedback on our Printable Guide. Your Statue of Liberty question is clearly answered on our site (and in the guide on the Attractions Pass Comparison page). CityPASS no longer covers MoMA admission (starting in 2015, you get a choice of 9-11 Museum or Intrepid Museums). Hope that helps!


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    I just purchased your guide as i was trying to make sense of the huge variety of attractions that NYC has to offer a girl from Melbourne Australia. It’s great that you’ve been able able to clearly break down all of the information. I have been looking at websites for days trying to make sense of it all!

    I really like that you have clearly shown where all of the areas of NYC are so its easy to see what is where – ie what is close to each other and can be grouped together when (unfortunately!) we will only have a finite time. A great perspective for people who have never been to NYC.

    We’ll be using your guide as a base – thanks for the tip re HopStop too – I’m sure that will prove invaluable!! A small line about how to get a ticket would be great – vending machines inside the subway I believe …

    Its a little hard to fully evaluate the guide without putting it into full practice. I’m very very much looking forward to visiting your amazing city!!!!!

    Lorna 🙂

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    I just printed off the guide packet. I am so excited!! My daughter is a senior in high school and she chose NYC as her senior spring break!! Your guide looks to be the perfect solution to our trip-planning and comfort in The Big Apple. We can hardly wait!

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    – Jennifer

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    Many Thanks, Wayne, Australia

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    You’ve definitely put a lot of work into creating both the book and bonus maps. I can’t wait to take all my information to New York this December and feel like I know what I’m doing. Thanks for making me feel like the “Leader of the Pack”!

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    I have to say I thought I was wasting my money when I brought your guides, but was I surprised. They are definitely worth the price. Your site is an excellent place to start when planning a trip to New York. Yes, you can find this information on the internet by spending hours visiting all the different web sites, but why do that when you can just come here and get your guides. My wife took one look at your guides and said, “Wow, I wasted several days getting this same information and here it is, all in these guides.” So I’m glad I stumbled across your site, because your guides and the other information on your site will be a big help in planning our upcoming trip to New York City in December.

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    Thank you!

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    Kind regards,

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    We have just downloaded the NYC Insider Maps and Guide. Our family will be travelling to your fabulous city from Sydney, Australia in September, so I have been researching and looking for this concise information for the past couple of months. I had even looked at ordering a well-known travel guide book… however luckily for us, I came to your website (looking for NYC maps) last week and have today ordered your maps and guides.

    This will help us immensely as we are definitely after a ‘live-like-a-New-Yorker’ experience rather than bumble around like a typical tourist for our 12 day stay. Your tips, hints and information are easy to absorb and make our plans from – thank you. I look forward to seeing the Bonus Travel guide also and the weekly Newsletters.

    Kindest Regards,
    Michelle & Justin

  122. This guide was very comprehensive. I purchased mostly for the maps, but I could have saved a lot of time if I found you first. A lot of your maps were things I had found free on other sites, but you had everything in one place. Like the summaries in the guide of each area. I am taking a group of students there and need to compile a “cheat sheet” for our trip for out teacher chaperones and this will help. – Anita, Las Vegas

  123. Hi Melissa,

    Three of us are going to NY in June. We are currently in the planning stage of mapping out our days. Your guide has provided us with good information on different dining options. I like how you have it broken down by area, that is a big help.


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    – Paula

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    Thank you for your hard work in compiling this guide! It has been a great resource for me as I plan our first annual “girls trip to New York”! I have been to New York before but always with someone who knew what they were doing! This guide will help me be the “leader” this time! Thank you again for making it so easy to navigate your beautiful city!!


  127. Melissa – I have successfully downloaded both the book and the bonus maps and I am very impressed with all the research you did. I am not a novice to New York, but I know that this time I will be very well-prepared for the visit thanks to you! I can’t wait! Thank you for putting this book together. Going to go read some more about New York now!!

  128. So Much More Than I Expected! Thanks Melissa, there is a lot info in your guide that would have taken me awhile to find on my own, if ever !

  129. Absolutely What I Was Looking For ! Hi Melissa! Thank you so much for this guide. My bf and I are coming from Australia to New York for the first time this July and this is absolutely what I was looking for in terms of “need to know information”. You have a done a great job It practically has taken all the stress out of planning what we are going to do and will make sure we don’t miss anything. So thank you.


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