A Catered Transportation Experience

New York City is the capital of culture and the king of bustling streets. This makes it the perfect place for large groups to experience the pinnacle of urban life. However, the high density of people can make transportation an inconvenience, especially when you’re traveling with large groups.

National Charter Bus is here to make that transportation process a breeze. Whether your group needs a ride from La Guardia Airport to your hotel in SoHo, or a fan trip from the city to MetLife stadium, you can be confident we’ll find the right bus for you.

With a team of dedicated reservation experts available 24/7, we can connect your group with the ideal motor vehicle based on your trip itinerary and group size. Regardless of your transportation needs, you can count on our large selection of sanitized motorcoach vehicles. A selection of onboard features are available at your request including free WiFi, an onboard restroom, a wheelchair ramp, and extra luggage space. Our bus reservations are always ADA-accessible because everyone deserves a comfortable transportation experience!

Keep reading to learn a little bit more about our philosophy and see how a private National Charter Bus can help on your next trip.

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An Environmentally Friendly Way to Travel

We believe that travel is not simply about convenience, but also about responsibility. Responsibility to preserve and protect the planet that we all share. As our society become more aware of the negative effects that carbon dioxide emissions have on the globe, many people want to know which method of traveling is least damaging.

Ultimately this depends on several factors including how far you’re going, your travel needs, and what part of the country you’re in. At the end of the day though, buses and trains are cleaner options than cars and planes. Traveling in groups is a great way to reduce the environmental cost of transportation per person, but it is important that there aren’t always empty seats.

So why does National Charter Bus strive to provide all groups with a perfectly-sized motorcoach vehicle? Because it is our goal to achieve peak transportation efficiency. Efficient and Reliable Transportation around NYC No matter your groups travel needs in and around New York City, you can depend on National Charter Bus to get you there with a smile. Call us today at 917-388-9602 to learn even more about our services and to request your free quote!

Group Transportation in NYC with National Charter Bus

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