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The US Tennis Open is always an amazing event and in 2021, the tournament will allow 100% spectator capacity! Djokovich, Federer, Tsitsipas, Williams, Halep and so many more amazing players!!!! Who knows how much longer we will have to see the GOATS in action – make 2021 your year to head to the US Open and check off your tennis bucket list. Review our US Tennis Open Schedule, U.S. Open Tennis discount codes, US Open Vacation Packages, NYC Insider Tips, photo galleries, directions and more. 

The US Open is one of my all time favorite events!! I’ve been to this event over 70 times, sat in every seat imaginable and seen every great player, so please feel free to comment below and ask me questions. In 2019/20, I’ve also managed ALL 4 Grand Slams and I can say for sure, The Billie Jean King National Tennis Center (NTC) is one of the nicest sporting venues there is, and the crowd is always amazing.

With FREE qualifying rounds, Arthur Ashe Kids Day (unfortunately, neither in 2021), and almost guaranteed celebrity sightings, there is something at the US Open for everyone and every budget. The new Grandstand, retractable roofs on Ashe and Armstrong, upgraded food and shopping options, grounds, more seats and vaccines….2021 is sure to be the BEST OPEN EVER!

2021 US Tennis Open
August 30 – September 12, 2021

US Open Tennis Tickets

Individual tickets will go on sale to the general public Thursday, July 15, 2021 @ 12pm.

  • Official US Open Ticket Exchange – annual subscribers and package holders sell their tickets here. Great seats available because these people have been in line for 10-20 years upgrading their seats every year.
  • StubHub – great selection and seats! NY’s most popular and trusted ticket company. Buy here if you want to secure tickets prior to them going on sale.
  • Direct tickets at (see coupon codes below) or There are both Primary and Resale tickets available here. Red Dots on the seats are Verified Resale Tickets and Blue Dots are primary tickets. You never which is going to offer better pricing, but the red dots are usually better seats. If you buy your tickets here, and your plans change, you may resell them through the Official US Open Ticket Exchange.
  • NEW! Check out our new site,, guiding you through all the best Tennis Events worldwide – tickets, hotels, seats and more!

Affiliate Disclosure: Many of the links on this page are affiliate links, meaning if you click through them and buy tickets or reserve hotels, I receive a commission at no cost to you. This money helps support my site (and my tennis habit!), and I do my best to use the profits to explore NYC and provide you with as much detail and free information as I am able.

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US Tennis Open Hotels

The Best US Tennis Open hotels include our cheap, budget and lesser known discount hotels along with Hotels near Grand Central, Penn Station and the NTC in Queens. Plus, check out all the hotels where the players stay!

US Tennis Open Hotels

Part of the fun of traveling to the US Open is to see NYC, right? In that case, you’ll want to stay in hotels closest to the NYC public transportation that takes you there quickly. If you have a car to park, then a Queens hotel with a shuttle to the NTC might be best for you. Read the full guide: Best US Tennis Open hotels.

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U.S. Tennis Open Schedule 2021

August 30 – September 12, 2021

You can safely buy tickets and not worry about games being canceled. NO MORE RAINOUTS on Show Courts! Both Ashe and Armstrong have retractable roofs.

Around 85 percent of the entire USTA Billie Jean King National Tennis Center grounds have been upgraded as part of the strategic transformation, all aimed at improving the fan experience and getting people closer to the action than ever before. Bring it on, US Open, we love you!!!!!

There are 4 types of tickets to the US Open: Arthur Ashe (Day and Night), Louis Armstrong (Day and Night), the Grandstand (day only), Grounds Pass (day only).

The following schedule and tickets available by our recommended ticket sellers is best viewed on a large screen. Red filler means no tickets are sold for those matches. The ticket options above the chart will take you directly to our recommended ticket sellers for each stadium and ticket type. It is always best to compare prices.

A quick analysis during Summer 2019 compared pricing for Ashe, Session 9 on Friday, 8/30 @ 11 and here are the prices I saw for Section 127. They were not the exact same seats, but close. The first amount is per ticket and the second is for 2 tickets with all taxes and fees. It pays to shop around!

  • Ticketmaster – $396 (only sold in pairs), $923
  • TicketExchange – $352 (only sold in pairs), $820
  • StubHub – $352 (options for singles), $908

You can download a PDF of the chart here: US Open Schedule and Ticket Chart

US Open Schedule and Ticket Options

Arthur Ashe Stadium Schedule

There are 3 Show Court schedules below: Arthur Ashe, Louis Armstrong and the Grandstand, as well as the Grounds Pass schedule.

Save on any ticket below with Use Code NYCIG10 for 15% off ALL Tickets

A reserved ticket to Arthur Ashe Stadium provides an assigned seat in the main stadium along with first-come, first-served access to General Admission unreserved seating in Louis Armstrong Stadium, the Grandstand and all of the field courts.

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Louis Armstrong Stadium Schedule

Save on any ticket below with Use Code NYCIG10 for 15% off ALL Tickets

A Courtside Reserved ticket to Armstrong provides an assigned seat in Louis Armstrong Stadium, along with first-come, first-served access to General Admission unreserved seating in the Grandstand and all of the field courts. Louis Armstrong tickets are sold for the first nine days of the tournament.

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Grandstand Stadium Schedule

Save on any ticket below with Use Code NYCIG10 for 15% off ALL Tickets

A Courtside Reserved ticket to the GrandStand provides an assigned seat in the Grandstand Stadium, along with first-come, first-served access to all of the field courts. Grandstand tickets are sold for the first eight days of the tournament.

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US Open Grounds Pass Schedule

Save on any ticket below with Use Code NYCIG10 for 15% off ALL Tickets

Provides first-come, first-served access to Louis Armstrong Stadium, the Grandstand and all of the field courts. First eight days of the tournament.

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U.S. Tennis Open Free Qualifying Rounds and Fan Week

The Qualifying Rounds and Arthur Ashe Kid’s are not open to the public in 2021, but should resume in 2022.

Want to see some really cool tennis at almost no cost? Check out the US Open Qualifying Rounds, the week before the US Open (Aug 24-27, 2021) featuring 128 men and 128 women competing for a spot in the Open’s main draws. Each of the men’s and women’s draws annually includes 16 qualifiers, who must win three matches in Qualifying to advance.

Gates open at 10 a.m. and are free and open to the public. No ticket is required. Watch a level 7 player in front row seats, when hardly anyone is there and watch all the greats on the practice courts with their hitting partners (I’ve seen Fed, Nadal, Serena, Venus, Kerber, Sharapalov, Djoker and more). Monday, 11:00 through Friday 11:00am.

See the full US Open Fan Week Schedule and make sure to register for a US Open Fan Access Pass, so you can reserve a spot in the Grandstand, where they will showcase premier practices, accompanied by a host and DJ for the day.

Arthur Ashe Kids Day is Saturday before the start of the Open. It’s free to enter the grounds and grand stadium tickets start at $13. There will be a lot of activities and give aways, like caps, wrist bands, tennis racquets, face painting for kids 14 and under.

US Open Practice Courts

US Open Practice Courts

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US Open Tickets FAQs

1. When Do US Open Tickets Go On Sale?

US Open tickets for individual sessions go on sale to the public the first week in June, usually day after the Roland Garros finals, which will be June 8, 2020.

2. When is the BEST Time to Buy US Open Tickets?

That is a tough question to answer, as prices vary based on demand all the way up to each match. It is not necessarily the day tickets go on sale. One year, my friend and I got great seats (in Ashe in the 100s) for the Quarter Finals, which we purchased in July. It turned out to be a Serena/Venus match and prices skyrocketed. We could have sold our tickets for 5x what we paid, which of course, we did not. As long as the top seeds keep playing, prices will continually go up. On years where Fed, Nadal, Serena lose early on, prices have dropped.

3. How do I Attend the US Open for FREE?

There are four opportunities where you can see the best of tennis at no cost. See the US Open Schedule below for the Qualifiers (5 days), Arthur Ashe Kids Day (1 Day), Practice Day (1 Day) and Community Day (1 Day).

4. Where should I stay for the US Open tennis?

We have hand picked all the closest US Open Hotels, the best ones in Manhattan, the best budget hotels and all the hotels where the players stay. Check out our guide to Best US Tennis Open hotels.

5. What Are the Best Value Seats in Arthur Ashe Stadium?

Ashe offers Upper Promenade, Lower Promenade (both in blue on the seating chart and in the 300s), Loge (Red, 100s), Luxury Suites and Courtside. Ashe is the largest tennis stadium in the world, by at least 6,000 seats. For some perspective, here are some key stadiums by capacity, according to Wikipedia: Ashe (23,771), Indian Wells (16,102), Philippe Chatrier (15,225), Wimbledon Centre Court (15,225), Rod Laver Arena (14,820).

What this means in terms of tickets is that Promenade Seats are very high up and you will be watching the tennis on the large screens. The atmosphere in Ashe is electrifying and there really is nothing like seeing a match in Ashe. Even Courtside seats, while as close as you can get, are further away from the action than at other arenas because Ashe is just that big.

I recently sat second row at Wimbledon (for Federer/Nadal 2019!) and I can’t tell you how intimate that experience felt relative to sitting courtside at Ashe. Like a million times closer. I also sat fairly high up in Phillipe Chatrier and that was like sitting Loge at Ashe.

For a true tennis experience, where you will watch the court and not the screen, you’ll want to splurge on seats in Loge or lower. Consider earlier rounds if budget is an issue as you’ll be able to get better seats for much less. Or consider Armstrong and the Grandstand as they are much smaller arenas and closer to the action.

6. Can You Buy Grounds Passes for the US Open Finals?

Some years, the US Open makes Grounds Admission tickets available for around $25. This is not for seats inside Ashe, but you can walk the grounds and watch outside on the large screen TVs with tons of other fans. I’ve been a few times and it’s always super fun. If this option is available, it is usually announced late in the tournament and posted on the US Open website. In 2019, grounds passes were sold at the box office.

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US Open Insider Tips and FAQs

1. Provisional US Open Schedule

Qualifiers – Tues to Fri the Week Before the US Open (Aug 24-27, 2021 )

  • Free to attend. Sessions start at 11am and play is on ALL Courts. The top seeds will be practicing on the show courts as well as the practice courts, and the entire grounds offer first come first serve seating.
  • My Tennis Meet Up Group in NYC goes every year on the last Friday. Please feel free to join us at BKMN Tennis Meetup and say Melissa referred you to the group.

Arthur Ashe Kids Day – Saturday before the US Open

Practice Sunday – Sunday before the US Open

  • Free to attend, no scheduled matches, however most of the players, including the top seeds, practice and play all over the grounds and show courts.

US Open Week 1 Schedule, Sessions 1-14, August 30-Sept 5

Daily at 11am and 7pm. Arthur Ashe Stadium matches begin at 12:00pm. Day sessions tickets available for Ashe, Armstrong, Grandstand and Grounds Passes. Evening session tickets sold for Ashe and Armstrong only, not Grandstand or Grounds Passes.

  • Mon – Men’s & Women’s R1, Sessions 1 & 2
  • Tues – Men’s & Women’s R1, Sessions 3 & 4
  • Wed – Men’s & Women’s R2,Sessions 5 & 6
  • Thurs – Men’s & Women’s R2, Sessions 7 & 8
  • Fri – Men’s & Women’s R3, Sessions 9 & 10
  • Sat – Men’s & Women’s R3, Sessions 11 & 12
  • Sun – Men’s & Women’s Round of 16, Sessions 13 & 14

US Open Week 2 Schedule, Sessions 15-24, Sept 6-12

Mon through Wed at 11am and 7pm. Remainder of schedule varies as below.

  • Mon – Men’s & Women’s Round of 16, Sessions 15 & 16 – Labor Day – Last day of Grandstand and Grounds Admission Tickets
  • Tues – Men’s & Women’s Quarterfinals, Sessions 17 & 18 – Last Day of Armstrong Tickets
  • Wed – Men’s & Women’s Quarterfinals, Sessions 19 & 20, Ashe Tickets Only
  • Thurs Day – Community Day offers Free 11am daytime admission for men’s and women’s doubles, mixed doubles, junior singles and doubles, quads and doubles divisions of the wheelchair competition, and many of the top seeds on the practice courts.
  • Thurs Eve – Women’s Semifinals at 7pm on Ashe, Session 21
  • Fri – Men’s Doubles Final @ 12pm and Men’s Semifinals @ 4pm, Session 22
  • Sat – Mixed Doubles Final @ 12, Women’s Final @ 4pm, Session 23
  • Sun – Women’s Doubles Final @ 1, Men’s Final @ 4pm, Session 24

What time do the gates open at the US Open?

Generally the gate entry time is one hour prior to the start of the session. Typically, the earliest you can enter the grounds with a day session ticket is at 9:30 a.m. Day session ticket holders must enter the grounds before 6:00 p.m. The earliest you can enter the grounds with an evening session ticket is 6:00 p.m. Please note that finals weekend times may differ and all sessions and gate entry times are subject to change.

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U.S. Tennis Open Arthur Ashe Stadium Seating

During a day session, I highly recommend you consider a shaded section. It can be brutally hot and blinding during some sessions.

The shady sections at Ashe tend to be on the West and South sides since the sun starts on the South side (shining on the North side) and moves towards the West (shining on the East Side) of the stadium. Sections 116-107 (same for 216-207) are directly in the Sun, but 316-307 are shaded because of the retractable roof. For the shade, look at sections 301-328 (Upper Promenade) below and then move down for those looking for Lower Promenade, Loge or better seats.

US Tennis Open Arthur Ashe Seating Chart


US Tennis Open Arthur Ashe Stadium Seating

Larger View: Arthur Ashe Seating Chart

The following items are not allowed on the grounds of the U.S. Tennis Open: briefcases, knapsacks, backpacks, hard coolers, glass bottles or cans, aerosol cans, alcoholic beverages, computers or laptops, pets, tennis racquets, roller skates…and the usual weapons, firearms, etc.

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U.S. Tennis Open Discount Tickets and Codes 2019

These codes are all from 2019, however, starting in June, they are usually good for the current year. Discounts are almost always good for 300+ level seats and early sessions only. Do not waste your time trying to get discounts to lower level seats or Second Week sessions.

Labor Day Weekend 2020 – Fri 9/4 – Mon 9/7. All coupons valid on varied sessions.

Please also see our tutorial on How to Use Coupon Codes

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NYC Insider Tip – Avoid lines after the Game

Fill up your Metrocard, if it’s not Unlimited Ride, before you go to Arthur Ashe Stadium, or you’ll be waiting for hours trying to fill it at the subway after the matches.

Also, for a TRUE insider’s guide to getting US Open tickets, make sure to read this article by my friend, PJ Simmons, on the best seats and where to spend and save at: A Serious Tennis Fan’s Top 10 Tips for the US Open (Tickets & More).

And for the true tennis fan and player, check out his world-class US Tennis Congress.

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New York City Sports Teams, Schedules & Tickets

New York City Sports Teams

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