Giants, Jets, Yankees and Mets!

Cheering on one of our New York City Sports Teams is a top pick for any NYC trip. Make sure to add a NYC Game Day to your NYC vacation – it’s an absolute MUST in NYC! The sports atmosphere in New York is exhilarating year round and some of the most intense competition is within our own rivalries.

Yankees vs. Mets | Rangers vs. Islanders | Giants vs. Jets | Knicks vs Nets

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New York City Sports Teams Tickets

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US Tennis Open

US Tennis Open Vacation Package

August 30 – September 12, 2021

This is one of my all time favorite sports events. The Billie Jean King National Tennis Center is a fantastic sporting venue and the crowd is always amazing. Read the complete NYC Insider Guide to the US Tennis Open, with discount tickets, hotel packages, schedule, seating chart and more!

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MLB Baseball | New York City Sports Teams

Baseball is played April through October, and sometimes into November if we make the playoffs.

New York Yankees (American League)

New York City Sports Teams

2009 World Series Champions
27-Time World Series Champions.

The new Yankee Stadium in the Bronx is fabulous, but it’s ALWAYS the fans that make a Yankees Game one of the BEST things you can do in NYC. Yankees history is filled with all time greats, like the recently retired, Derek Jeter, Babe Ruth, Yogi Berra, Lou Gehrig, Joe DiMaggio, Mickey Mantle and Jackie Robinson.

Truth be told, my family is split down the Mets/Yankees line, but I am 100% Yanks – they are my favorite New York City Sports Team. Such magical memories from the 70’s (hmm..did I just date myself?) with my Aunt and Uncle who had the best seats right between home and 1st, watching Bucky Dent, Reggie Jackson and Thurman Munson with a soda and a hot dog! I can’t even recall a game they lost, all I remember is leaving the stadium as winners, with Sinatra’s “New York, New York” playing loudly, a long-time NY Sports tradition.

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New York Mets (National League)

New York Mets Schedule

See the New York Mets Schedule and catch NYC’s National baseball team in action at Citi Field.

Read More: New York Mets Tickets, Schedule and Directions

Tickets are easy to get and the new Citi Field is one of the best stadiums in all of baseball. With historical favorites like Yogi Berra, Tom Seaver, Dwight Gooden, Darryl Strawberry and Willie Mays, the Mets are a local team favorite. Take the easy 30 minute subway straight to Citi Field, grab a burger from Shake Shack and get ready to see some baseball action.

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New York City Sports Teams | NFL Football

Football is played every August through December, and sometimes into February.

New York Giants Football (NFC)

New York Giants Symbol

2012 and 2008 SuperBowl Champions!!!!

Check out the New York Giants Schedule and catch NYC’s best football team in action at MetLife Stadium. Our beloved “G-Men” or “Big Blue,” are sure to provide you nothing but fast-paced NYC action! With only a few home games per season, tickets are limited, but are definitely available starting at just $40 per game!

Our historical favorites include Frank Gifford, Lawrence Taylor, Tiki Barber, Phil Simms, Bill Parcells and Michael Strahan.

More Info: New York Giants Tickets, Schedule and Directions.

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New York Jets Football (AFC)

New York Jets Symbol

Get your New York Jets Tickets and catch NYC’s American football team in action at MetLife Stadium, which they share with the NY Giants. New York Jets tickets are a bit more available than Giants tickets, and you can even get some at a discount with no fees!

New York Jets Tickets, Schedule and Directions

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NBA Basketball

Basketball is played every November through April or May.

New York Knicks Basketball

New York Knicks Symbol

The NY Knicks are always a blast to watch and the atmosphere at MSG is full of passionate New Yorkers. Tickets start at just $13, with lots of discount options, and their games are the easiest sporting event in NYC to attend.

Madison Square Garden, the World’s Most Famous Arena, is right in Penn Station, accessible by almost any subway and just two blocks from the Empire State Building. Go NYC style with cheap seats, fast paced sports action, hot dogs and beer and cheer on the New York Knicks today!

Brooklyn Nets Basketball

Brooklyn Nets Basketball Tickets

The Brooklyn Nets represent the first major league sports team back in Brooklyn in over 50 years! The Nets and Barclays Center have lived up to the hype, offer classic Brooklyn foods like Nathan’s hot dogs and Juniors’ cheesecake, have Jay-Z as a part owner! With 2,000 seats at Barclay’s Center costing $25 or less, professional basketball is now available to everyone!

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NHL Hockey

New York Rangers Hockey


New York Rangers Tickets

The NY Rangers have made the playoffs most of the past 10 seasons and went all the way to the 2012 Eastern Conference Finals. With our All-Star goaltender Henrik Lundqvist, Marian Gaborik, Brad Richards and rugged forward Mike Rupp, the NY Rangers bring us some serious hockey action.

Madison Square Garden, the World’s Most Famous Arena, is right in Penn Station, accessible by almost any subway and just two blocks from the Empire State Building. Go NYC style with great seats, fast paced hockey action, hot dogs and beer and check out the New York Rangers today!

New York Islanders Hockey

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Major League Soccer

March through October

New York City Football Club

New York City Football Club Tickets

NYC welcomes our newest professional sports team in 2015, New York City Football Club, a joint venture between the NY Yankees and Manchester City of England!

NYCFC is the second Major League Soccer team in the area, joining New York Red Bulls, which play just over the river in Harrison, New Jersey. See the full 2015 NYCFC schedule below, along with ticket options, discounts, directions and the NYCFC Yankee Stadium seating chart.

About New York City Sports Teams

New York City sports teams are some of the best in the world. Boasting rights allow us to include:

  • Super Bowl wins (4 Giants, 1 Jets)
  • Stanley Cups (4 Rangers, 4 Islanders)
  • 29 World Series wins (27 Yankees plus 10 NY Giants, 2 Mets)
  • NBA Championships (Knicks)

Attending a New York City Sports Team event during your visit should be priority!

  • The easiest events to get to are NY Rangers and NY Knicks, both at Madison Square Garden.
  • The NY Yankees and NY Mets are quick and very easy subway rides out of NYC.
  • The NY Giants and NY Jets play in New Jersey, about an hour outside of Manhattan, and the games take up a full Sunday, but there is nothing like a traditional American Football game.

Discount New York City Sports Tickets

Many of our sports events are almost always sold out! So how do those of us without inherited season Giants tickets, which have been passed down for generations, access the games? Check out the Insider guide to New York City Sports Teams tickets

New York City Sports Teams, Schedules & Tickets

New York City Sports Teams

Super Bowl 2014 (XLVIII) New York City

Super Bowl 2014 NYC

February 2, 2014, Metlife Stadium, NJ

Super Bowl 2014 (XLVIII), held at Metlife Stadium in NJ, will be the first outdoor, cold weather Super Bowl hosted by two states (NY and NJ) and two teams (NY Giants and NY Jets). Super Bowl events will be held all over NYC and NJ during the entire week. Check out our Super Bowl 2014 Guide to tickets (not cheap, but they exist!), packages, seating, tailgaiting and all the fun NYC events surrounding the NFL Championship game, including the new "Super Bowl Boulevard" in Times Square.

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NYC has hosted the 2013 MLB All Star Game, 2014 Super Bowl and US Golf Open 5 times in the last 10 years. Check the New York City Events calendar to see upcoming major New York City Sports events.

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