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Customized New York Travel Planning

Looking for personalized New York Travel Planning? Want a "Plan My Vacation for Me" Service? How about your own personal NYC Concierge, NYC Insider Guide, to help with exactly what you want to know? I (Melissa) offer customized planning for the best events, show tickets, hotels, shopping, restaurants and more.

I travel ALL the time, so I know how much time it takes to figure out a new area, what is where, how much can I get done in a day, what’s the best way to get to my hotel from the airport, which restaurants have the best food for my personal diet and so much more. It’s enough to make you need a vacation right then and there.

Here’s the thing – I LOVE to help people plan their time in NYC. It’s like a personal mission of mine to make sure you love it here as much as I do, which is why I’ve been publishing this website since 2008.

NYC Free Travel Planning

I already answer dozens of questions at no charge on NYC Insider Guide. Here are some samples of questions you are free to ask and my responses:

NYC Custom Travel Planning and Itineraries

Here are some examples of paid travel planning, where I can save you tons of planning time, offer use of my NYC expertise, reach out to my extensive NYC network, offer you my personal coupons, when applicable, and provide specific advice just for your trip, group and dates.

  • What Kosher restaurants in NYC have a reservation for Friday August 26th for 8 people at 6pm? We would also like Broadway options for after dinner for a great musical (adults only) and the prices of tickets.
  • Which Broadway show is best for a teenage boy sometime between June 16-20th and what are our options for tickets, seats and prices?
  • What are the best events for us to attend on our Romantic NYC vacation May 18-26? We’ve already been to NYC twice before and want to do some more unique and sophisticated events.
  • Our family of 4 is coming November 10-15 to NYC and we’d like to stay in a suite hotel with a kitchen and be in the center of all the activity. What are some options and prices for those dates?
  • I’m really into jazz music and am coming to NYC from August 16-21st. What shows are playing at the best clubs during that time? What are the prices, hours and locations of the clubs?

I know just about every hotel in NYC, so even though I’m using the same online tools you are, I can weed through much faster, know the addresses by heart, know what a good price for your dates is and much more. Just like if you were helping me plan a trip to your hometown.

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Custom NYC Itineraries

Want to have your perfect vacation all written out for you with step by step directions (subway, taxi, whatever you want) so you really maximize your time and money? We can do custom itineraries in 4 hours blocks for you. Generally they are 8am-12pm, 12-4pm and 4-8pm. But you can choose any 4 hour block you’d like, with some direction on what you want to see and I’ll make sure it’s super efficient with lots of insider tips.

Custom Itineraries are generally all-year round attractions, hotels and restaurants. For example, an itinerary will include Broadway show recommendations for your dates or 4 restaurant choices in the neighborhood after your Broadway Show. However, finding the exact show, pricing and seating on a specific date and checking into restaurant reservations would fall under custom trip planning above.

Here’s an example of a (partial) custom itinerary. My friend, Kim, visited NYC with her two young girls, knew her trip dates and had an idea of some of what she wanted to do including Statue of Liberty, Central Park and a few others. However, she was zig-zagging all over the city in 2.5 days. So, I took her list and organized her time and travel better, giving her family almost an extra full day to explore. We then added Puglia Restaurant (her kids LOVED it!), San Gennaro Festival, the Highline, which was new at the time, and a few other things. You can see all three days of Kim’s trip at New York City Vacations with Young Girls.

*** I do not book anything on your behalf. I will send you links, websites, coupons and any other information I have, but booking things is up to you***

Oh my goodness! I’ve been telling everyone about how you’ve helped! I love planning trips, but NYC is overwhelming without much experience, so I am grateful you put us in the right direction and we have a whole list of things and a few reservations ready to go! Thank you so much!
– Emily

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Ready to Get Started NYC Planning?

  • Custom Travel Planning – You can purchase as many 30 minutes blocks of my time as you’d like.
  • Custom NYC Itineraries – Each 4-hour Custom NYC Itinerary is a quantity of 1 below. 8 hours of itinerary would be a quantity of 2.

Please make sure to edit your quantities before checking out at Paypal. For example, for each 4 hour itinerary you’d like, add a quantity of 1. For each 30 minutes of custom travel planning you’d like, add a quantity of 1.

NYC Custom Travel

How it Works

  • Purchase NYC Travel Planning Time or Itinerary Planning above and make sure to calculate the quantity you would like.
  • After you’ve paid, you will be redirected here to fill out the form below.
  • Only forms received after payment will be answered. Those submitted without payment do not come to my inbox and I will never see them.

NYC Insider Guide Travel Planning Form

Please tell me everything you can about your trip and how I can help. The more you tell me, the better I can help you.

  • Do you want Custom Travel Planning or a Custom Itinerary?
  • Who is traveling? Ages?
  • Dates?
  • Theme: Family, Romantic, Hipster/ Millenial, Senior, LGBTQ+, 1st or 5th time in NYC?
  • What in NYC have you already done (what should be eliminated?)
  • What would you like me to research for you?
  • Any other notes, questions or relevant information?

Travel Plan Form (#4)

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NYC Insider Guide
NYC Insider Guidehttps://www.nycinsiderguide.com
Welcome! I'm Melissa, a fourth generation New Yorker, who has been lucky enough to live in New York for over 30 years. I love just about everything in New York City, the very reason I started this web site, and I look forward to sharing it all with you. Please explore the New York City Insider Guide at your own pace. I hope it helps you plan your New York City Vacation, so you not only go home as a NYC Insider, but plan to visit us again soon.


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