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I love to hear from NYC Insider Guide site visitors. As much as I’d love to answer every question received personally, I am just one person, so I do my best to answer all questions on the site.

Here are some of the top questions and ways to be answered on the NYC Insider Guide:

  • NYC Travel Vacation Advice – Need some inside guidance? Advice on a particular topic? Planning something special in NYC? If your question has not already been answered on the site (use the search box here), or in our Top NYC Vacation Questions, please submit your inquiry below.
  • Feedback on the NYC Insider Guide Website – I love any and all feedback on the NYC Insider Guide and really appreciate you taking the time to let me know what you think of it and how it can be improved!
  • Share Your New York City – Write an article about New York City and share your favorites. This is THE best way to publicize your business, event or receive a link or listing on the NYC Insider Guide. Examples of great user-submitted articles include: Best fall activities in New York City and NYC 2 Day Itinerary
  • Get Listed on NYC Insider Guide – We love to hear about your Events (shopping, sports, theater, festival, fair, music, exhibits) and Places (hotels, tours, restaurants, museums, businesses) that appeal to both locals and visitors.
  • Please join our affiliate program – is the most common question I receive. Please read about affiliate partner submissions.
  • Advertising – the BEST way to advertise on NYC Insider Guide on NYC Insider Guide is to Get Listed or Share Your New York City. We do not have any standard banner placements or generic advertising at this time. Should you want to inquire about specific advertising needs, please follow the guidelines for affiliate partner submissions. Rates are determined based on your answer to these questions.
  • Link Exchange – NYC Insider Guide strictly adheres to all Google Link Guidelines. If your link request follows all such guidelines, please request your link.

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Affiliate Partner Request

You’d like for the NYC Insider Guide to join your (hotel, ticket, transportation, tour) affiliate program? First, you are welcome to add your individual businesses to the site on your own: Get Listed on NYC Insider Guide. This is the fastest and easiest way to get listed on the site. You greatly increase your chances of NYC Insider Guide joining your affiliate program if you add your content first. Each business (ie, one hotel) must be added as an individual listing.

If you do not add your own listings, please provide the following information in your email to be considered as an affiliate partner of NYC Insider Guide:

  1. Specific information about how your program is going to benefit visitors of the NYC Insider Guide. How will it enhance their time in New York City?
  2. You MUST provide a link to your website in your email to me. The FIRST thing I am going to do is click on it. I am shocked at how many affiliate managers email me and DON’T include a link to their website!??!
  3. Where on your website will you provide a link to the NYC Insider Guide, letting your site visitors know you recommend us?
  4. If I already have a similar affiliate or program on my site, why should I make the effort to switch?
  5. Is it possible to deep link and use code to track activity to each individual NYC business you have in NYC? Please explain.

Link Exchange Requests

Please read the following notes. If you are still interested in receiving a link from the NYC Insider Guide, please contact us at the form above, providing all information below:

  1. Please consider Sharing Your New York City – This is THE Best way to publicize your business, event or receive a link or listing on the NYC Insider Guide.
  2. Please specify the exact URL that would like a link from NYC Insider Guide
  3. Please tell me what page on YOU think is the best place for your link
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  5. NYC Insider Guide strictly adheres to all Google guidelines. Paid links will have a no follow attribute.

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