Hidden Costs of LGA, JFK and EWR

To find cheap flights to New York, book your flight to one of the three major airports within an hour of New York City: LaGuardia, John F. Kennedy and Newark. A nice advantage to finding cheap flights to New York City is you can arrive and depart from two different airports if there is a financial benefit. No car rental to worry about!

Cheap Flights to New York City

A great site to try is FlightHub (Cheap Flights to NYC). Their search results allow you to narrow down by dozens of options, including airline, # stops, etc and also let you sign up for fare alerts.

Sometimes, a week or so may make a huge difference in airfare prices.

NYC Airport Guides - LGA, JFK, EWR

Our detailed NYC Airport Guides go in-depth on everything you need to know about each airport. Free shuttles, nearby hotels, Stay & Fly Free Parking, Taxis, Limos, Shuttles, Parking, Cheap Flights and more.

New York City Airport Taxi Costs

LGA Taxi Car Shuttle Costs

  • LGA – approx $40 metered rate each way, up to 4 people
  • JFK – approx $70 flat rate each way, up to 4 people
  • EWR – approx $95 metered rate inbound, extra fees outbound, 4 ppl

Before you book your flight to NYC, note the large cost difference of taxi travel to and from Newark, New Jersey (EWR) in the chart below. Flights to New York are not that cheap when they charge you round trip tolls and a $17.50 fee just to leave NYC and enter New Jersey.

Since a New York City Taxi is not allowed to pick up a return fare at Newark Airport, you are charged the returns tolls and an extra fee. I highly recommend New York City Limos, Airlink Shuttle or the PATH train for outbound travel to Newark Airport.

Cheap Flights to New York Insider Tips

Try to avoid flights arriving between 8-9 am and flights departing between 6-8 pm, the busiest traffic times.

  • Newark (EWR) Hubs – United, Continental
  • LaGuardia (LGA) Hubs – American, Delta
  • John F. Kennedy (JFK) Hubs – American, Delta, JetBlue

Additional airports that may offer cheap flights to New York, but are further away, include:

  • White Plains, NY (HPN)
  • Islip, NY (ISP)
  • Stewart Airport, NY (SWF)

Cheap Flights to NYC on Jet Blue

One of the best airlines to fly in and out of NYC is Jet Blue. They are highlighted here, because they often do not show up in Airline search boxes on other travel sites. When researching airfares, make sure to check Jet Blue’s great rates separately. 

The planes are new and very roomy, have Direct TV on the flight, offer snacks, free bag check and their main hub is at JFK, making their prices some of the best values in the airfare market. Recent example: $9 each way from NYC to Boston!

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