If I Had ONE Day Left in NYC, by Native New Yorkers

I hope you have as much fun with these NYC One Day Itineraries as I did! I interviewed many of my friends and family (all born-and-bred New Yorkers) on what they would do if they had ONE day left in New York City. Where would you go? What would you eat? What would you absolutely have to see?

The rules are simple, money is not a concern (notice how almost no one does anything extravagant anyway) and it is not your last day with friends and family, so spending time with them doesn’t count.

Of course, everyone’s first reaction was, “No way, you’d have to kill me first. I’m never leaving,” but once I told them it was just for fun, everyone couldn’t wait to share their favorites with you!

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Shane, NYC Fireman

My first choice is working, since I love my job protecting the fine citizens of the Lower East Side and Chinatown. However, if I couldn’t do that:

  • Breakfast at Ess-a-Bagel (50th and 3rd)
  • Circle Line Cruise – it’s a little cheesy, but it’s a great way to capture the whole city and learn some facts I probably didn’t know
  • Grab a slice at Rays (Famous Ray’s Pizza) on W 4th St. and 6 ave
  • Take a run in Central Park on the Bridle Path
  • Walk over to Lincoln Center, hopefully catch an outdoor concert. Stroll through Juilliard.
  • Yankees game – definitely!
  • Not sure for dinner or night time yet but I know I’m ending up at…
  • Wo Hop (Mott St) at 4am

NYC One Day Itineraries
Central Park Bridle Path

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Scott, Finance – NYC One Day Itineraries

Central Park Bandshell
Central Park Bandshell
  • Museum of Natural History, History of Peoples exhibit
  • Roller blade/skate in the small oval near the Bandshell
  • Grab a hot dog at Papaya King on 86th (&3rd Ave)
  • Take in the East River View and watch the boats go by from the small park on Sutton Place and 55th
  • Go for a set at Cafe Wha? in the Village (original stomping ground for prodigies Bob Dylan and Jimi Hendrix. Bruce Springsteen, Peter, Paul & Mary and others)
  • If it’s summer, go hang out in Washington Square Park afterward

Roberta, Mother of 3 (ages 7, 5 and 3)

Frozen Hot Chocolate at Serendipity
Frozen Hot Chocolate at Serendipity

Marni, Matchmaker – NYC One Day Itineraries

  • Breakfast at Ess-a-Bagel
  • Stroll up Madison Ave and window shop in the 60s/70s on the way to the
  • Metroplitan Museum of Art (MET)– visit would include walking through the Impressionists collection, the Arms and Armor collection and stopping for a few minutes at the Temple of Dendur
  • Hop in a cab and have lunch at Pastis in the Meatpacking District
  • Walk to the West Village and spend the afternoon strolling in and out of shops. I’d spend extra time on Perry Street, Bank and Commerce.
  • Dinner at Gotham Bar and Grill
  • After dinner drinks at a piano bar – perhaps Brandy’s on the UES

Arthur, Personal Financial Advisor

  • Brunch at the Irish Pub, Baker Street on the Upper East Side. Great food, great soccer and a true hidden gem.
  • During the day I’d split time between Central Park and the
  • Museum of Natural History
  • I’d also make time for a walk on Wall Street
  • Have a cocktail while sitting outside, people watching at Cognac (55th and Broadway) – same owners as Serafina.
  • Pre-dinner appetizers, but mostly Margaritas, at Rio Grande before
  • Steak at Del Frisco’s for dinner
  • I’m pretending it’s March, so I’d have to be at MSG for the Big East Tournament

Marvin and Jackie, Accountants

  • Breakfast-Dim Sum in Chinatown
  • Lunch-grab a Sabrett Hot Dog from a vendor (and never use ketchup – only mustard and onions) while walking and window shopping on Fifth Ave
  • Go to Coney Island, ride the Cyclone, then a hot dog at the original Nathan’s (I would advise people to ride the Cyclone before eating). Quick stop at the New York Aquarium to see penguins, sea otters, and walruses.
  • Dinner (we’re having two) – Del Posto (Jackie) and steak at Peter Luger’s (Marvin). Remember, cash only.
  • See a Broadway Show (Jackie)
  • Yankees Game (Marvin) – on the way, check out Arthur Avenue, New York’s “Real Little Italy,” a section in the middle of the Bronx, still entirely Italian with some of the best restaurants and old fashioned bakeries in NYC.

Cyclone Roller Coaster, Coney Island

New York City One Day Main Attractions Tour

New York City One Day Main Attractions Tour

How much can you see on NYC One Day Tours? A lot of New York City actually! An ideal New York vacation requires a week or more, but I’m well aware some of you are just joining us for a day.

So, if you are looking to see the best of New York City in One Day, here are some NYC One Day Tours that will help you see as much as possible in a short time.

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