New York City Art Lovers Tour


by Jean (Europe)

New York City Art Lovers Tour
Metropolitan Museum of Art – Great Hall

Three art-inspired friends visited New York City and had a wonderful time around Christmas. As all three of us are art lovers, visiting the Museum of Modern Art (MoMA) in Midtown as well as the Metropolitan Museum of Art (The Met) on the Upper East Side was a must.

For me, MoMA was an eye-opening experience allowing me to discover many new names and art groups. Unlike MoMA, the Metropolitan Museum was more like meeting old friends, great artists whose works can be also found in Prado and Louvre. I also immensely enjoyed the Cloisters collection of medieval art: especially, finally being able to see things you’ve been only reading about! In the evening we were extremely lucky to get to the Metropolitan Opera. While we had to stand during the entire performance of “Il Trovatore,” the wonderful voices and majestic atmosphere made it completely worthwhile.

Dining in New York City was also a totally new experience for me. In fact, one of us lives in New York, so he was able to let us discover some of the hidden gems of the New York culinary scene. For me, the one living in a small village somewhere in Europe, the enormous choice of exotic foods offered in New York was more than impressive. We ate everywhere from a Korean restaurant to a Mediterranean one to a typical New York Deli to a Japanese place. The Mediterranean place, called “The Olive Tree“, on MacDougal in Greenwich Village, was probably the most impressive. The Mediterranean cuisine wonderful, and even our friend from Israel agreed! The the tables are made like blackboard and you can write on them with a piece of chalk, and there is a Comedy Cellar inside or you can watch a Charlie Chaplin movie! I’d been immediately transferred to the good old school days…

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