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Central Park Carriage Ride Price

Hi. Heading up November 10-16, what is the best price I can get for a carriage ride around Central Park? Any recommended companies? Thanks.

by Deborah Berry  (United States)

NYC Insider Guide Answer:

Great question as there is a lot of confusion around Carriage Ride prices. You can find the hidden details along with current regulations on Carriage Ride prices here.

The carriages that sit outside Central Park and pick up passengers have fixed pricing mandated by the NYC Department of Consumer Affairs, which is who licenses the Hansom Cab Drivers. Those prices are for a set 1.5 mile route that takes, on average, 20 minutes.

Private Central Park Carriage Rides

There are also private Horse and Carriage Tours (by Central Park Sighteeing), who offer more flexible and longer tours, somewhat nicer Hansom Cabs and allow you to make reservations in advance.

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