Taking the Stress out of NYC Group Transportation. Tired of flagging down taxis? Don’t feel like deciphering public transportation routes? Sick of your straggler group members ending up lost? We feel your pain. Traveling through New York City with a large group can be a hassle. The dazzling lights, bustling streets, and occasional celebrity sightings create the perfect storm for a frenzy of excited group members dashing around from one street corner to the next, when all you wanted to do was enjoy a simple trip to the Met with your group.

New York City is an exciting destination filled with plenty of bucket-list stops. Because of this, we at New York Charter Bus Company believe that traveling through the Big Apple shouldn’t be a pain, no matter how many people you’re traveling with.

How do we do it? Keep reading to learn a little bit more about our philosophy and see how a private New York City Charter Bus can help ease your mind during your next group trip to the city that never sleeps.

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Bus vs. Public Transportation

NYC’s public transportation system is one of the best in the world. However, if you’re trying to keep up with a group of, say, 15 or more passengers, things can get tricky. Getting around on time is a challenge when you’re constantly pushing those group members who are always running a little bit late, leading you to miss the subway. If you do make it on time, all of your group members may not fit onto a crowded subway car, causing your group to separate.

With a private bus, however, your transportation waits for you. You’ll have a professional driver who will arrive to your designated pickup point and operate a personalized shuttle on your time, not someone else’s. Everyone will be guaranteed a seat and additional luxuries such as WiFi, overhead storage space, and panoramic windows for casual sightseeing. Plus, no one will need to worry about being left behind.

Worried about how a bus can get around New York’s compact streets? Not to worry. New York Charter Bus Company works with professional drivers who are experts at driving through compact avenues. However, we do also charter minibuses, which are smaller in size and are often a good fit for small groups headed to the Big Apple.

Why New York Charter Bus Company is Your Top Choice

At New York Charter Bus Company, we aim to make your trip to NYC unforgettable. That’s why we’ve worked hard to gain experience with all types of curious travelers, including students, teachers, families, corporate travelers, sports fans, and even wedding guests. Whether your group is in town for business or for pleasure, we’ve got all of your travel plans covered.

Move on your own time:

While organized tour groups present a few advantages to first-time travelers, they often require that you stick to their pre-determined schedule to keep up. Cutting your visit to the Met short to make it to the Empire State Building on time might not sound appealing to your group of art-lovers, for example.

With a private bus rental, you can choose your own schedule based on your group’s desired itinerary. Craving a restaurant tour of the city? Done. Prefer to skip any attraction that includes heights? No sweaty palms here. Load up your itinerary with nonstop action, or factor in break times back at your hotel. When you book with New York Charter Bus Company, the power is in your hands.

Avoid confusing travel logistics:

With a bus from New York Charter Bus Company, you’ll travel directly from point A to point B without stopping to worry that your taxi driver misheard your destination or that you’ve missed your subway stop.

Once you’ve sent us your itinerary, we’ll get in touch with your driver and make sure they know exactly where and when to pick you up. From there, you’ll enjoy an easy and comfortable ride to your destination with minimal snags along the way.

Stay comfortable between stops:

Public transportation doesn’t always offer the most comfortable ride. If sitting on hard plastic chairs or standing in a cabin full of strangers doesn’t sound like your jam, we have you covered.

Private buses from New York Charter Bus Company come standard with plush seating, reclining seat backs, air conditioning, and plenty of legroom. Entertainment options such as WiFi and televisions with DVD players help to pass the time as you travel from one stop to the next. While your group travels together on your pre-set schedule, you’ll be able to kick back and relax in comfort throughout your trip.

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Preparing for your NYC Group Trip

Ready to hit the road? So are we! But, before you contact us, make sure to have at least a rough itinerary laid out so that we can give your group a quote.

Once you’ve chosen to move forward with your rental, we’ll get started on finding the perfect bus and driver for you. When the time comes, we’ll be there to pick you up and transport you on your big New York adventure!

Taking the Stress out of NYC Group Transportation

Contact New York Charter Bus Company Today

No matter your NYC group travel needs, we’re here to make sure you enjoy your trip without stressing about transportation. Call New York Charter Bus Company today at 917-388-9602 to learn even more about our services and to request your free quote! With 24-hour reservation specialists standing by, we’re always happy to take your call.

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