Clue Chase Escape Room

Clue Chase is Manhattan’s largest escape room venue. Open since 2015, Clue Chase features four unique escape rooms tied together via an overarching story. Clue Chase goes beyond simply being an escape room, as the entire experience is immersive from the moment you enter the front lobby. Actors in character as time travel scientists greet you, and help your group get up to speed on the elaborate time travel science you’ll be helping us do.

Each room allows groups to experience a different point in space and time. Whether it’s exploring an Egyptian Tomb, repairing a derelict alien spaceship, breaking into the lair of a notorious thief, or helping the CIA solve a case- there’s sure to be something to appeal to any group of family or friends. Consistently receives high ratings from guests, and currently is ranked #5 out of 190 listings for Fun and Games in NYC on Tripadvisor.

Clue Chase Escape Room
1114 Avenue of the Americas
NY, NY, 10036
Grace building on 42nd street, directly between fifth and sixth avenue

Clue Chase is Open 7 days a week. Monday-Wednesday 10AM-9PM, Thursday-Friday 11AM-11PM, Saturday 10AM-12AM, Sunday 10AM-9PM.

Recommended Age 8+

Clue Chase is located in the landmark Grace building on 42nd street, directly between fifth and sixth avenue, and right across the road from Bryant Park and the New York Public Library. Clue Chase is easily reached from the Times Square 42nd Street subway by walking one block over from Broadway to 6th avenue. We can also be reached from the Bryant Park 42nd street stop by walking directly across 42nd street from the subway, or from Grand Central terminal by walking up two block to fifth avenue.

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