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"Sliding Doors" Meets "Sex and the City," In a Hilarious Musical

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Closing March 22, 2015. If/Then Broadway Musical, starring Idina Menzel, follows the story of Elizabeth, age 35, as she moves back home to NYC from Los Angeles after her recent divorce. While meeting friends in Madison Square Park, the story splits in to two different lines based on a moment in time, where Elizabeth either ignores or takes a phone call. It is here that Elizabeth splits into two characters: Beth becomes more of a career woman, while Liz, who wears glasses, follows her heart and romance. The show is hilarious, with very current New York City adult humor, though please note, it does use a lot of very adult language.

If Then Broadway Musical

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Richard Rodgers Theatre Seating Chart

Richard Rodgers Seating Chart 

Get Tickets: If/Then Broadway Musical – Save $30!

NYC Insider Guide If/Then Review and Tips

Whether you fell in love with Idina’s voice in RENT, Wicked, as Elsa singing "Let it Go" in Frozen…or in the eighth grade, as I did…if you are a fan, then you will be love If/Then. I was completely surprised at HOW FUNNY the show is! People are categorizing it as a drama, and the show does have a serious theme, but there are constant jokes and the audience was cracking up for most of the show.

  • To follow the two storylines easily, pay attention to when Idina is wearing glasses. Liz (romantic storyline) wears them and Beth (career storyline) does not.
  • This is a VERY New York City show – if you live in, love or have dated in NYC, then you will love the spot-on and very current NYC humor…Yankees vs. Mets, riding the subway, dating, etc.
  • Beth/Liz’s best friend, Kate (played by LaChanze), is hilarious, and talented of course. Overall, the show was much funnier than I anticipated, but her character was, by far, the funniest.
  • Age appropriateness – there is a lot of cursing. There is actually a song titled, "What the F*ck?" The show is appropriate for anyone able to watch Sex and the City on cable TV.
  • The Richard Rodgers Theatre has stadium seating, making most any seat in the house a good one. Below you can see my photo from Row R, which is pretty close to the back. Personally, I would choose Orchestra over Mezzanine.
  • Fun Fact – the Church of Scientology is right across the street from the Richard Rodgers Theatre. I thought that was pretty funny given John Travolta’s Oscar flub earlier this year.

If Then Broadway Musical Stage From Row R

If Then Broadway Musical Stage


  • Richard Rodgers Theatre, 226 W 46th Street, NY, NY 10036
  • Opened March 30, 2014
  • 2 hrs, 35 minutes, 1 intermission
  • Mature Audiences Only

Get Tickets: If/Then Broadway Musical – Save $30!

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