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(Winnipeg, Canada) Newark Airport (EWR) Map

Newark Airport (EWR) Map

Hi there. I’m going to be staying in New York (Days Inn Hotel New York City – Broadway – 215 West 94th St, on the Upper West Side) from November 12th-15th. I’m flying to the Newark Int’l Airport, and was wondering what was the best recommended way to get to New York (cab? Subway?)

My flight is scheduled to arrive at 8pm on Thursday the 12th. I’ll have a couple of pieces of luggage and will be with a friend.

I also just wanted to say how much I appreciate this site – looking forward to doing some of the things that were recommended!

Thank you so much! Bryanne

Car Service from EWR to Manhattan:

Hi Bryanne! This is just the type of question answered here:

Check there for reccomendations on Limo from Newark Airport to Manhattan, the cost of taxis and note that taxis from Manhattan to Newark are more expensive than from Newark to Manhattan. Since you are arriving at 8pm, traffic should not be bad.

Easiest Travel from Newark Airport to Manhattan

I think a Limo from Newark Airport to Manhattan would be the easiest. A reserved town car (limo from Newark Airport to Manhattan) would be around $60 (for up to 4 people) plus tolls and tip at this popular New York City Car Service.

Note: Shuttles and van services vary when it comes to taking you door to door, while a taxi or town car will take you directly to your hotel. Some of the shuttle buses will drop you off (or pick you up) only at a central Manhattan location (not directly at your hotel) and from there you can walk, take the subway or hail a taxi that will likely be around $10.

Shuttle Bus Newark Airport to NYC

If you choose this Go Airlink Airport Shuttle Bus, it will be about $18 per person, so $36 total and no tolls or tip. Our recommended shuttles stop and drop everyone off at their chosen destination, so it could be quick or take several hours.

Last time I flew into Newark (2015), there were tons of buses available and easy to find to go to Manhattan. But they only made stops in Midtown (Grand Central), so I took a taxi home from there. I think the bus ticket was around $20, so it was still savings over a private car because I was one person. It would not have been any signifcant savings for 2 or more people and was a much longer ride given that you have to transfer once in Manhattan.

Cheapest Travel Newark to Manhattan

The Path (NJ’s train system) to the NYC Subway (switching at Penn Station to go the Upper West Side) will be the lowest cost. Just note that with subways/trains you will be carrying luggage through stairs, crowds and turnstiles with a few transfers along the way. Of course, once you’re in NYC, my vote is always the subway, but personally, I don’t like to struggle on vacation, so I take the easy way.

More on Taxis and Town Cars

Taxis will be waiting when you arrive at the airport (should not be more than a 15 minute wait) or you can call a town car. Inbound (Newark to Manhattan), taxi and town car are within a few dollars of each other and outbound, many times a town car to Newark can be cheaper than a taxi (see why below).

I rarely reserve town cars. Most people don’t know this, but the larger companies keep cars in the holding areas of all the major airports. So you can call when you land, they are less than 5 minutes away and you don’t have to worry about paying for wait time if your flight is delayed. More info on: NYC Limos

Return Trip Manhattan to Newark Airport

NYC Yellow Cabs are not allowed to pick up return fares from EWR, so you are responsible for their round trip tolls and an extra $15 fee. Town cars are allowed to pick up a return fair from EWR, so they are usually cheaper.

Whew – sorry for the long explanation – make sure to check the Cheap Flights to New York page.

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