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    Photo: Lego Exhibit at Discovery Center – photo by Emmanuel Dunand, AFP/Getty Images

    This exhibit is closed. Please see Discovery Center Times Square for current exhibits.

    Lego into art?  Yes, the Lego Exhibit At Discovery Center, by Nathan Sawaya, features magnificent art pieces that range from incredible likenesses of famous figures like Jimi Hendrix to complex human sculptures.  Sawaya’s art has been named “One of CNN’s Ten Global Must-See Exhibitions.”

    While some artists express themselves in mediums such as paint or clay, Nathan sees a pile of Lego building blocks as potential art form, then sets about building his masterpieces.  Normally, Legos are the little bits and pieces of toys that become great annoyances.  Have you ever stepped on one? Legos are little plastic colored bricks that have delighted children for decades.  What adult has ever looked at them and wondered if it could become something so artsy?

    The Art of the Brick New York City runs now through January 2014. Billed as the largest display of art made from Legos, the show features over 100 Lego masterpieces Mr. Sawaya built from his over 1 million pieces of Lego bricks.  Not to rival sculptures from “Legoland,” Nathan Sawaya adds a true art form from his pieces.

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    Art of The Brick Intro Video from RBH Multimedia, Inc. on Vimeo.

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