Here are some interesting facts about New York City covering fun facts about population, history, costs and size.

Interesting Facts about New York City History

Interesting Facts about New York

Did you know Manhattan was purchased for 60 guilders (about $24) by the Dutch from Indian proprietors in 1626? Here are more cool history facts about New York:

  • Wall Street was named when New York was originally founded by 12 Dutch men. There was physically a wall there to protect the city from outside invaders.
  • Another interesting fact about New York City is it was once the capital of the United States. George Washington was inaugurated as the first president in downtown Manhattan.
  • The World Trade Centers were so large, they each had their own separate zip code
  • The official name of our city is NOT "New York City." It is "The City of New York", changed in 1898 from the name "The Mayor, Aldermen and Commonality of the City of New York" – source, New York Times 3/15/2009

New York City International Tourist Tips

New York City Tourist Tips

New York City International Tourist Tips provides answers to frequently asked questions about differences between NYC and other cities or countries. We try and answer all the questions we have when traveling to other countries, like sales tax, tourist tax and refunds, weather and currency, tipping and customs and more.

Interesting Facts about New York City Streets

New York City Street Map

When street numbers go UP (51st, 52nd, 53rd), you are going NORTH. So, if for any reason you leave the wrong subway exit and are supposed to be going North, but the street numbers are going down, turn around.

See more maps and tips on New York City Streets and the NYC Subway

Interesting Facts about New York City Museums

Interesting Facts about New York City Museums

Many New York City Museums are really “free.” As non-profit organizations, they ask for a “suggested donation” or contribution to access the museum, rather than an admission price.

Please do donate as these Museums are priceless and the money donated goes back into the New York City Museums, so we can all enjoy them.

Interesting Facts about NYC Neighborhoods


The Manhattan Neighborhood Guide shows you all the cool spots in SoHo, Nolita, Lower East Side, Upper West Side and all our rich and vibrant NYC areas.

Do you know the best pizza in NYC? Or at which cafe Bob Dylan might just appear to play a set? The best views of NYC with a cocktail? Check the NYC i-Guide for ALL our real secrets.

Some interesting NYC Neighborhood Facts:

  • The trendy neighborhood known as TriBeCa, Tribeca, stands for the TRI-angle BE-low CA-nal Street.
  • The name Hells Kitchen was derived from the fighting between the Irish and Puerto Ricans who lived there, owned restaurants and eateries, and fought often in the early 1900s.

More Interesting Facts about New York City

  • Manhattan is ONLY 23.7 square miles; 13.4 miles Long x 2.3 miles Wide (21.5 x 3.7 km)
  • Over 46 million tourists come to New York City every year
  • Central Park is 843 acres, and completely man-made
  • There are almost 19,000 restaurants in Manhattan… you can eat at different one every day for 52 years!
  • The overall average price per square foot of Manhattan apartments in 2008 was $1,251 (Prudential Douglas Elliman).
  • Since 2005, an interesting fact about New York City is we have had the lowest crime rate of the 25 largest US cities.
  • An interesting fact about the New York City Public Library – Patience and Fortitude are the famous marble lions that guard the New York City Public Library (42nd and 5th). They were named by Mayor Fiorello La Guardia for the character traits he felt would get city residents through the Great Depression.
  • The City of New York (official name), consists of 5 Boroughs: Manhattan, Queens, Brooklyn, Bronx and Staten Island. (Note: NYC Insider Guide focuses mainly on Manhattan)
  • Interesting facts about New York and Jazz Musicians. The term “The Big Apple” was created by touring jazz musicians of the 1930s who used “apple” as slang for any town or city. So, to play in New York City was to play the biggest of cities —The Big Apple.

Interesting Population Facts about New York City

  • Manhattan Population- ~ 1.7 million; New York City- 8 million
  • Over 42% of New York State’s population resides in New York City (2008), yet, an interesting fact about New York City is we represent less than 1% of New York State’s square miles.

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New York Tourism Guide

New York Tourism Guide Reviews

Frommers? Fodors? Lonely Planet? Check out my personal reviews of 15 NYC Travel Guides and don’t spend money on NYC vacation guides you don’t need. I went to Strand Bookstore (, "Home of 18 miles of New, Used, Rare and Out of Print Books," (a must-see quintessential NYC institution) and looked at almost every New York City Tourism Guide.

NYC Insider Guide Site Feedback

NYC Insider Guide Site Feedback
Tell me what YOU think of NYC Insider Guide! Your feedback is SO important to me – and not just the good stuff. I love to know what you REALLY think, or what else you would like to see on this site.

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New York City Sites – What to Do

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NYC b l u e: – This page gives you the essential links, compactly organized, to help you explore the cyberspace of New York City, USA. All on a single page, you’ll find links to the major Web sites relating to activities, events, attractions, sports, government, media, schools, commerce, and guides. – Written by my friend, Bill, see Long Island like you’ve never seen it before, as Bill has experienced it with family and friends. No nonsense, just honest reviews and pictures of the best things to do on Long Island.

NYC Insider Blog – get the NYC Insider Scoop on what’s going on in a “New York Minute.” Get the feed while you’re on vacation so you don’t miss a thing!

New York City Sites – Getting Around

See New York City Street Map and NYC Subway

New York City Sites – Where to Eat

Open Table – free online restaurant reservations. Choose by neighborhood and cuisine, read reviews, interactive map.


MenuPages – online menus for almost every NY restaurant, check the food and prices before you go, then make your reservation at Open Table.

ChowHound – a discussion board with all true “foodies,” people really passionate about eating and drinking, especially in NYC.

New York City Sites – Buy Tickets

Review of all ticket sites here – tons of Broadway reviews and show details.

Ticketmaster – sports, Broadway, concerts

Telecharge – Broadway

StubHub – especially sports (Yankees official partner), concerts and Broadway. Great for hard-to-get or sold out tickets or seats.

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New York City Sites – Discounts

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