New York Yankees Stadium

Game Day!

Heading to New York Yankees Stadium is one of my all time favorite things to do in NYC! The Yankees had just finished their incredible FOUR GAME SWEEP AGAINST BOSTON, some games going later than 1:30 am, so the crowd was on a high at this Monday night game in August 2009 vs. Toronto Blue Jays.

Getting to New York Yankee Stadium could not be eaiser – or more fun! The 4 train is packed with fans covered head-to-toe in Yankee gear. Weeknight games, the subway is crowded, as daily commuters are heading home from work. You’ll always know when to get off the subway – just follow the other 50,000 fans to New York Yankee Stadium! More on New York Yankee Tickets and Schedule.

NYC Insider Tip – Avoid lines after the game

Fill up your Metrocard, if it’s not Unlimited Ride, before you go to the game, or you’ll be waiting for hours trying to fill it at the Yankee Stadium subway after the game.

Did you know you can also take a FREE Water Taxi to Yankee Stadium?

New York Yankees Stadium
Derek Jeter Sign Outside Yankee Stadium
The new Yankee Stadium (opened in 2009) is beautiful. The outside of the entire Stadium is covered with huge signs spotlighting every Yankees player.

Everyone arrives at New York Yankees Stadium wearing Yankees clothing – everything from hats to socks.




New York Yankees Stadium
New York Yankees Stadium Helpful Guide
What other stadium in the world has dozens volunteers outside just waiting to see if you need anything?

I keep hearing these rumors people don’t think New Yorkers are nice..go figure.





History of Yankee Stadium
History of New York Yankees Stadium

Greatest Baseball Players of all TimeInside New York Yankees Stadium the walls are lined with life size pictures of all the Yankees legends…

Babe Ruth, Lou Gehrig, Joe DiMaggio, Mickey Mantle, Jackie Robinson, Bucky Dent, Reggie Jackson, Thurman Munson and so many more.

The original New York Yankees Stadium is, of course, nicknamed, “The House that Ruth Built” after the Babe.


NY Yankees Logo on Flag

at New York Yankees StadiumMixed in with the Player pictures are huge flags with the NY Yankees Symbol. So much to do in addition to the game – tons of shops, restaurants of all kinds and the New York Yankees Museum.

I headed straight to Tommy Bahamas Restaurant to get some wine. Of course, most other fans are drinking a cold one – Yankees Beer!




Yankee Stadium Scoreboard
New York Yankee Stadium Scoreboard
18th Row seats had waitress service and cup holders, very nice. Clean, spacious and roomy.

The lovely waitress took our orders, Hot Dogs – with mustard and onions, of course. The stadium has lots of healthy choices, but family tradition won that day.

If only there were air-conditioning! I guess it would be hard to cool off 52,325 seats. Check the Yankee Stadium Seating Chart.


Alex Rodriguez Yankee Stadium
A-Rod Doing Some Fancy

Footwork during Warm UpHung out for a bit at New York Yankees Stadium watching the players warm up, sign a few autographs.

A-Rod does a backwards and forwards running drill…





Jeter ARod Cano Yankee Infielders
A-Rod, Jeter, Cano, Yankees Infielders
Oh Say Can You See….

Alex Rodriguez (A-Rod), Derek Jeter and Robinson Cano, Yankees infielders, during the pre-game National Anthem.

Jeter is the Yankees team captain – leadership, grace under pressure and despite all his fame and success, manages to maintain an appearance of humility.



New York Yankees Stadium
New as of 2009

New York Yankees Stadium

Is there anyone not wearing Blue and White? The crowd is standing room only while Jeter’s at bat…

Seventh Inning Stretch is coming soon.





Freddy Sez Yankee Stadium
Freddy Sez Yankee Stadium,

More than 85 years!Maybe you’ve heard something that sounds like pots clanging together in the background during a televised Yankee Game?

Well, that’s exactly what it was.

Freddy Schuman, aka “Freddy Sez” (May 23, 1925 – October 17, 2010) carried a frying pan painted with a shamrock painted, which he says “Brings ‘em luck.” Fans bang loudly on the pot with a spoon to make noise. Freddy even has own Wiki page.


Yankee Stadium Seats
Yankee Stadium Seats

New York Yankees Stadium. Packed house – for the 5th night in a row…

Yanks lost and fans and players were tired, but the Boston sweep made it all worthwhile…

The city sends special subways right to Yankee Stadium as soon as the game is over and my cousin and I were home in 20 minutes – before my parents even got out of the parking lot!

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Yankee Stadium Seating Chart

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