[Review] We LOVE your NYC Insider Print Package!!

    NYC Printable Guide Book
    We LOVE your NYC Insider Print Package!! There is so much helpful information included, we are thrilled! We love the maps, the easy to follow format, the neighborhood descriptions, the attractions information, even the warm, friendly opening that you wrote! ;))) I have been to NYC on a day bus tour, but have never navigated myself, nor stayed in the city. In July, my husband and I will be celebrating our 28 years of marriage and we planned a trip to NYC together!! He has never been. We are both excited to stay in the city! We are, however, a bit nervous. We are just two “country bumpkins” from the Eastern Shore of Virginia (with open minds!). Your guides have already made us feel more comfortable about our trip. We are so excited to see and feel the energy of NYC!! ;))))) Thank you for a great guide and for giving us the information needed to feel like we have a little “insider scoop!” It’s great! Jayanne