NEVER Use AirBnb in New York City | Illegal, Filthy, No Refunds Given

    NEVER Use AirBnb in New York City
    This is your warning to NEVER USE AirBnb in NYC!!!! Of all the illegal NYC short term vacation rental companies, AirBnb is the WORST! You should NEVER use AirBnb anywhere really (they are an awful company for so many reasons) but especially in NYC. I recently had a friend who did not listen to my advice and booked himself an AirBnb in NYC. He texted me right when he checked in with this, “Place is gross, super dirty. Dust balls everywhere including on the bed!” He immediately complained to AirBnb, sent photos and left for a hotel. AirBnb did not refund him any money (this is their standard policy). You can read more here about AirBnb Stealing and Scams and find tons of LEGAL NYC Vacation Rentals here.