Alice and Trixie Sample Sale

April 24-26, 2019
Alex & Trixie Sample Sale
265 W 37th Street, 11th Floor
NY, NY 10018

Alice & Trixie is having a sample sale. Take up to 80% off retail at this three day sample sale in April at their New York HQ. Prices will start at just $30! 11th floor haven of silks, bold prints, and bright colors, Alice and Trixie’s sample sale offers long and short dresses and tops from an assortment of samples and stock. The calm and relaxed vibe is unlike the typical sample sale, enjoy an air-conditioned studio as you sort though and find your favorite dress for the summer! Cash and cards accepted.

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April 27-29, 2016; 8 am-7 pm
April 22-23, 2015; 10am-7pm

Alice and Trixie Sample Sale

Alice and Trixie Sample Sale


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