Vacation Questions About NYC One Day Itinerary


Vacation Questions About NYC One Day Itinerary

Empire State Building, Times Square, Lady Liberty and Central Park

Vacation Questions About NYC One Day Itinerary

Hi! Hubby and I are planning a short vacation in NY sometime in June. He’s from Yonkers (which is where we will be staying with his sister) and I want to see the Statue of Liberty (preferably ON the island, not just a cruise-by), the Empire State Building, Times Square, and Central Park.

I’m wondering if it’s possible to see all of those in one day? Also, coming from Yonkers, which would be the best route so we aren’t back-tracking and crunched for time?

Thanks so much. – Naeemah (Sacramento, CA)

NYC Insider Guide Answer:

Hi Naeemah: Thanks so much for your question. Yes, it is completely possible to see all these in one day. It will be a bit rushed, but it can be done.

Yonkers is about 30 minutes by Metro North, which takes you into Grand Central Station on 42nd and Lexington. Central Park is North of Grand Central, Times Square is due West and the ESB and Liberty are both South. So you’ll have to back track somewhere, but it should be OK.

You should either start or finish with Central Park (CP) from Grand Central.

You can take several routes:

1) Central Park, Times Square, ESB, Statue of Liberty

2) Statue of Liberty, ESB, Times Square, Central Park

The catch is that you want to see both Central Park and the Statue of Liberty during the day and Times Square at night. The ESB can be either.

Any of these New York in One Day Sightseeing Tours may be a good option for you. They range from 5-9 hours and cover a variety of NYC and each has a different drop off point. So while the tours won’t get in to the Statue of Liberty, you can choose her as your last stop and make your own reservation cruise to Liberty Island to see her up close.

A One Day Do It Yourself NYC Itinerary Option:

  1. From Grand Central (42nd and Lex), walk to Central Park or take the 4/5/6 trains to 59th and Lex. The park entrance is on 59th and 5th Ave.
  2. Central Park – Walk around as much as you want. Leave the park on the West side near the Time Warner Center on 59th (Columbus Circle).
  3. Times Square – Walk (South) down Broadway and Times Square will start around 50th Street.
  4. Empire State Building – Walk through Times Square towards 32nd and 5th Ave, and see the Empire State Building.
  5. Statue of Liberty – Take the 1-2-9 train down to South Ferry and see Lady Liberty in all her glory.

Hope that helps!!! Please come back and let us know how it goes!

One Day Itinerary Comments

Aug 19, 2011

Liberty, Empire, Central Park and Times Square One Day
by: Naeemah

Thanks so much for this. I will be back to let you know how it goes. : )

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