The Other Side A Psychological Séance October NYC


The Other Side A Psychological Séance October NYC

The Other Side A Psychological Séance from Friday the 13th to Halloween. In the late Victorian era, the Spiritualists claimed they discovered a connection to the other side. Nearly 100 years later, séances continue to capture the public’s fascination. But are they truly a gateway to another realm or simply the manifestation of our own terrified imaginations? Don’t be afraid. There’s no such thing as ghosts … right? Join your host, world-renowned mentalist Jason Suran, and a group of 13 brave participants in formal attire at a private Williamsburg residence as we recreate the work of one of America’s most dangerous mediums and attempt to face our own deepest fears. This multisensory microtheatre encounter is 21+ and an intimate recreation of a true Victorian séance.

Tickets for this limited run from Friday the 13th to Halloween can be purchased at

Each performance begins at 7:30 pm and runs approximately two hours with a complimentary cocktail portion.

The Other Side is located at an undisclosed Williamsburg residence and exact details will be sent to ticket holders 24 hours before each show.

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