Salute to Vienna New Years Concert Lincoln Center


Salute to Vienna New Years Concert Lincoln Center

Salute to Vienna New Years Concert Lincoln Center. New York is known for its incomparable celebrations for the New Year, but when you bring the festivities of the City of music – Vienna – to New York City in the form of – Salute to Vienna – it’s doubling, maybe tripling the celebrations.

Salute to Vienna New Year’s concert is scheduled to take place at the Lincoln Center in New York where the Geffen Hall has been allotted for the event and is planned to be two and a half hours long.

Salute to Vienna has been an ongoing tradition – a tradition which is 23 years old – for New York to set up a concert for celebrating the New Year and bring into it the timeless beauty and all it depicts. This year, they have gone way out of bounds and set up an event which will mix the Strauss waltzes, along with the golden elegance of Vienna which will be manifested in the music, décor, swirling dresses side by side with the tuxedos, bouquets to convey the celebration not just of another year but of life itself.

Music is a medium which reaches worldwide, and this brand of music is universal, tempered with old world charm, irresistible to one and all. The practice has shown unsurpassed success in the past years as the concert has played in America, Canada, and other countries.

Salute to Vienna New Years Concert Lincoln Center is a delicate presentation of love, romance, and passion – everything is symbolized by the music and culture, and has been brought to join hands with the hustle and bustle of the fast-paced New York. New York, on the other hand, is the contrary to Vienna as it is the symbol of modern-day life at its most competitive and in the most visited city in the world.

The idea is brilliant, to say the least, a golden age gone by will be reenacted and brought alive for a night, a night like a dream or a wish come true. To ensure the success of the endeavor, Europe’s most beloved singers will be singing famous operas to the melodies of a live symphony orchestra. At the same time, acclaimed dancers will be dancing to the tunes floating around them.

Ballet dancing is also part of the attraction as famous ballerinas and ballerinos float to the sound of the seeming effortless melodies.

Known popularly as the Strauss Symphony of America, Salute to Vienna New Years Concert Lincoln Center features Christoph Campestrini as a conductor, Iva Schell as Soprano, Martin Piskorski as a tenor, as the most prominent members, while Europaballett St. Pölten is the main ballet team. At the same time, International Champion Ballroom Dancers will be providing the ballroom dancers.

Of course, 2019 will be welcomed to the tunes of the Blue Danube Waltz; what tune could possibly be more suitable, after all, it is an eternal melody, so it is suitable for welcoming a new year. The tune will play in our hearts and minds for weeks to come, and watching it live will not cost the earth as tickets for Salute to Vienna are in a very suitable price range.

Welcome the New Year along with Vienna’s Classic style – a style which never goes redundant – book a ticket and have the night of your life where you will find nostalgia is the theme, timeless stories in a celebration which takes the breath away.

If you are going for VIP tickets, have an extra bonus other than choice seating arrangements – an event has been scheduled to follow the performance where they are invited to get their autographs signed by the artists, and they can even get a photo along with them if they bring along their phones or cameras, a memoir of Salute to Vienna.

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