New York Yankees Playoffs Schedule and Tickets

    New York Yankee Tickets

    The Yankees have made the Playoffs once again, which start this Friday!!! Anywhere from 12 to 19 baseball games stand between the New York Yankees and their 28th World Series Championship! Here’s how the post season will likely play out:

    • American League Division Series (ALDS) best of five format vs the Minnesota Twins, will be October 4, 5, 7, 8 & 10. NY Yankees Home games are Oct 4 & 5, and if necessary, 10/10.
    • American League Championship Series (ALCS) best of seven format begins October 12th. There are two possible schedule scenarios, depending on which team has the home field advantage. Games are scheduled Oct 12-20.
    • The World Series takes place October 22-30, and the schedule depends on which team has the better regular season record
    • Dates and Times are subject to change

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