Central Park NY | 843 Acres to Bike, Blade, Boat, Walk, Picnic, Tour

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    Open in NYC: 9-11 Memorial, The Highline, Top of the Rock, Empire State Building, The Bronx Zoo, Liberty Island, in-person Sample Sales. MoMA (Aug 27), The Met (Aug 29), Natural History (Sept 9), Personal care (spa, nails), tennis, volleyball, basketball, places of worship (@ 25 % capacity). There is currently no open date for indoor dining, theaters and shopping malls. Gyms should open late August, early September.

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    Central Park NY has so much to see and do! Native New Yorkers always want to live “by the Park,” not just because of its beauty, but also for all the cool things to do there and what better time to visit our famous park than summer? Central Park draws between 37 and 38 million visits a year and most everyone has their favorite Central Park spot, so feel free to run, bike, blade, boat, picnic and more your way through Central Park.

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