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Here are some really hidden locations to take New York City Pictures. You’ve already seen thousands of New York City Skyline Pictures, so here I highlight some NYC pictures that are somewhat secret. Actually, some of these New York City locations are so hidden, even I’m not sure where they are!

Of course, there are New York City Pictures all over this website, not just on this page. Here are some of the more popular pictures on the NYC Insider Guide:

And here are some more New York City Photos!

The Gershwin Hotel

Gershwin Hotel Noses NYC

Gershwin Hotel Noses NYC (now The Evelyn Hotel)

In the old Tin Pan Alley, very artsy, deco and theatre-esque. Picasso and Warhol abound and the hotel has a little theater with live entertainment. Take a walk by if you are near the Empire State Building (only 5 blocks away on 33rd and 5th Ave).

Original Warhol in the lobby. Definite budget option for those looking to spend less than $150 night, but remember, you get what you pay for – read the reviews about hot water shortages and slow elevator rides. Probably best for sightseeing, and parking your bags elsewhere.

More: Hotels Near Penn Station

All of these photos are originals by my lovely and talented friend, Glynis Hern, who visited from Calgary, Canada in Fall 2008. She had a whole day to herself to wander around with her camera and when I saw her photos, I was amazed. All of these photos are proprietary, but should you want to use any of them, or just want to compliment Glynis on her incredible talent, feel free to contact her directly or email NYC Insider Guide.

Statue of Mahatma Gandhi

Mahatma Gandhi Statue Union Square

This statue of Mahatma Gandhi is in the southwest corner of Union Square park. It was added in 1986, to mark Union Square’s history of social activism.

Make sure to check out the free tour of Union Square to see more statues, take great New York City pictures, enjoy a lovely park and learn more about this area, the site of the first Labor Day Parade in 1882, a National Historic Landmark, and once the home of Tiffany & Co. It is surrounded by dozens of delicious restaurants and a huge subway stop you can get to from any area of the City.

Other notable statues in the park include George Washington and Abraham Lincoln.

The Singing, Naked Cowboy of Times Square


Singing Naked Cowboy Times Square The Singing, Naked Cowboy of Times Square, who apparently announced his intent to run for New York City Mayor on July 22, 2009. His campaign slogan? “Nobody has done more with Less.”

While you might think all New Yorkers are crazy, this guy is CLEARLY not from here, he’s actually from a suburb of Cincinnati, and a former Playgirl model. I’ll take Mayor Bloomberg any day to actually run our City, but definitely check him out strictly for entertainment value.

The Chrysler Building

The Chrysler Building

On 42nd Street and Lexington Avenue, next to Grand Central Station, is a classic example of Art Deco architecture. The Chrysler Building was the world’s tallest building for less than a year, before the Empire State Building was constructed. Read more about the building competition below.

Join The Free Grand Tour, to gaze upon the hubcaps and the roadsters on the side of the Chrysler Building and learn more about the building ranked ninth on the List of America’s Favorite Architecture by the American Institute of Architects (according to Wikipedia).

For more great architecture, guaranteed to provide amazing New York City pictures, check out our free 42nd Art Deco Architecture Tour.

Blue Doors…likely in a Greenwich Village Alley

Greenwich Village Blue Doors Alley

Greenwich Village Blue Doors Alley

So hidden, even I don’t know where this is! It’s likely an alley near Washington Square Park or somewhere in the West Village.

I don’t think it’s in Washington Mews, as the photographer said she did not go into a private area.

Empire State Building

Empire State Building NYC

This photo was taken from Madison and 34th Street, looking west to 34th and 5th Avenue.

One of the most famous buildings in the world, featured in over 90 movies, and one of the best spots to take New York City Pictures.

The ESB was built during the Depression as a competition between Walter Chrysler, of Chrysler Corp, and John Jakob Raskob, creator of General Motors, to see who could build the tallest building.

60,000 tons of steel were erected to make the first 88 floors over nine months, from March to November of 1930.

More on Empire State Building.

Grace Church, Union Square

Grace Church Scrollwork Doors, NYC Grace Church Scrollwork Doors, NYCA

Gothic revival masterpiece designed by James Renwick, Jr. in 1843. The 23 year old architect James Renwick, Jr.–a nephew of Henry Brevoort (the land owner)–whose sole completed work at the time was the Bowling Green Fountain, was commissioned as the architect. A few later works by Renwick include St. Patrick’s Cathedral, the Smithsonian Institution castle, and St Ann¹s Church (now part of Packer Institute) in Brooklyn. It is a National Historic Landmark designated for its architectural significance and place within the history of New York City. 802 Broadway at 10th Street

Building on 12th Street and Broadway

NYC Building Patina Union Square
NYC Building Patina
– I know this one because it was taken from the roof deck of my building. This gorgeous building is on the Southwest Corner of 12th Street and Broadway, caddy corner to Strand Bookstore. Two blocks South of Union Square.

Some of my New York City Pictures are of beautiful, old buildings. The architecture, history, culture always shines through, even though this is one of the fastest moving cities in the world.

Please share your New York City Pictures with our readers!

Skateboarding Near the Hudson River

Skateboarding in New York City

I think this is on the West Side, over looking the Hudson River.

The West Side is the Perfect place for taking New York City Pictures, especially at Sunset. It’s actually a view of New Jersey, but the dusk skyline colors over the Hudson River can be breathtaking.

Graffiti Art on a Wall in Greenwich Village

Graffiti Wall in Greenwich Village
Graffiti Wall in Greenwich Village

This wall is huge and somewhere on the border of the Village and Nolita. Maybe right around Great Jones Street.

I will pass it again shortly and make sure to update this photo when I do!

In the meantime, look for your own secret hidden spots to take some great New York City Pictures!

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