New Year’s Eve Murder Mystery Party 2017


New Year's Eve Murder Mystery Party

New Year’s Eve Murder Mystery Party, presented by The Game Theatre. Calling all cunning investigators! You have miraculously inherited One Million dollars from a unique will, with one condition: you must spend all of the money before the stroke of midnight this New Year’s Eve to obtain clues about a mysterious murder. Spend your money to get clues from the suspects so you can attempt solve a murder case of a lifetime before the ball drops to inherit a Wall Street empire!

December 31, 2017
8:30pm early doors + player briefing, 9:00pm start time
MIDNIGHT MILLION$ New Year’s Eve Murder Mystery Interactive Theater Event
15 Gold Street
2 blocks north of the Wall Street 2,3 train station and 2 blocks south of the Fulton Street 2,3 train station, also walkable from other Fulton Street subways

Tickets are very limited!

MIDNIGHT MILLION$ — an all inclusive New Year’s Eve experience!

  • 3 hour open bar from 9 pm – 12 midnight (beer, wine, prosecco, house liquor)
  • Signature Italian food platters
  • An interactive interactive murder mystery experience, including "funny money" and precious items to buy and sell for clues from the suspects to attempt to solve the caper!
  • Experience concludes at 12 midnight, but players can stay for the after party with the cast and winners!

MIDNIGHT MILLION$ is an immersive social game. In this interactive murder mystery you will be handed One Million Dollars in money, or precious items, to spend and exchange with the objective of solving a murder mystery. Game Theatre performers will appear as ‘suspects’ and, by making ‘deals’ with them, you can unlock the answers to the murder case and the opportunity to inherit an empire!


One of the wealthiest people in the world, global financier Lord Oswald McCallister, was discovered murdered in his office. In his will he set forth that:


You will become a bold investigator accepting this case. All of the suspects can be found in the room, and each one is in trouble and needs something desperately. If you buy/sell what a suspect needs then you’ve made a ‘deal’. Deals then allow you to ask a suspect a "Yes or No" question, and they must respond truthfully. The more deals you make with other players the more information you can gather from both the suspects and one another.

If you have $0.00 left by Midnight then you can point a finger at the suspect you believe was responsible for the crime!


About the Company:

The Game Theatre produces unique events that combine immersive environments, strategic social gaming, and interactive theatre to create compelling experiences. We believe in preserving live interaction as a prime force of entertainment and personal growth. The GameTheatre’s Mission is to expand the boundaries of socialization.

New Year’s Eve Interactive Theater Event 2016

New Year's Eve Interactive Theater Event

You are invited to our annual New Year’s Eve social game experience in an exclusive lair underneath Manhattan’s historic South Street Seaport! To usher in 2017, The Game Theatre presents Midnight Millions, an interactive experience where players must try to spend 1 million dollars in order to inherit a financial empire. Midnight Millions is a grand social game that will be experienced as interactive theater.

December 31, 2016
Midnight Millions Interactive Theater Event
Trading Post
170 John Street (cross is John St. and South St.)
2,3 to Wall Street or Fulton Street stations

6:00 VIP Dinner Admission $195
8:30 General Admission doors $95

Players will inherit 1 million dollars (in funny money) from a mysterious will, which has one unique condition: you must spend every penny of your 1 million dollars before the strike of midnight, if you succeed you will inherit 100 million dollars, if you fail you will inherit nothing. Players will socially navigate a New Year’s Eve party to locate vendors and other opportunities to spend their money as fast as they can.

Overall, Midnight Millions is a New Year’s Eve celebration where the show is the shared experience between player guests, as directed by The Game Theatre team. Consider it a one of a kind grand game of Monopoly played in reverse!

The Game Theatre produces engaging social experiences that create an immersive realm of interactive theater. Events feature role-play, improv, hidden actors, team-building, and storytelling. The Game Theatre erases the line between performer and spectator and the evening’s outcome is never pre-determined by the production, but rather the finale is decided by the decisions made by the player guests themselves.