Fall Activities in New York City


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My first experience of fall activities in New York City was the movie, “Autumn in New York!” The image of Richard Gere and Winona Ryder as they walk through the golden-red foliage in Central Park was one so clearly etched in my mind that I almost expected to bump into them when I finally did visit the city in the fall. I had high expectations and a romanticized vision of New York (Thank you, Hollywood!) in my head and the city rose to the challenge spectacularly! Here are my of top picks for fall activities in New York City. – Submitted by guest author, Stephen R

See the Fall Foliage in Central Park

Once every year, the weather gods descend and paint the cityscape of New York in bright shades of red and gold. Fall is a magical time of year when everything changes. The leaves turn, the weather cools and after a slow summer,the events calendar fills up and things start heating up on the social circuit!

Fall Activities in New York City

Fashion, music, cinema, theatre, art, pumpkin picking and long leisurely strolls through the park, fall activities in NYC are numerous as they are exciting and fun. You truly are spoiled for choice and it’s enough to make any first timer or even seasoned traveler feel giddy and overwhelmed! And while any respectable New York travel guide can fill you in on the happenings around town, I’d be sorely disappointed if I did not have my say on things you absolutely must see and do! 😉

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Enjoy the Perks of Central Park

The concrete jungle skyline of New York just does not do justice to the abundance of nature in the city! Enter Central Park from near East 72nd street and you will be transported into a world of sheer mesmerizing beauty! The autumn colors of the foliage at its peak had me humming inwardly with gleeful delight. There are several organized tours of the park, but I chose to explore (and even get a little lost) on my own.

A walk down any of the numerous winding paths, or even a bike ride as you take in the sights and sounds of the bucolic landscape, where trees form canopies overhead and birds chirp in the distance, is a day well spent indeed. Whether in solitude or with a significant other, the park with its towering trees, lush landscape, plentiful lakes, fountains and ponds, is romance itself! It is breathtaking beauty and nature’s bounty, a real perk in the heart of one of the world’s busiest cities.

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Put on your Prada and Party it Up

It’s that time of year when the world’s hottest designers descend on the Big Apple! September in New York kicks off with the biggest fashion event of the year, the New York Fashion Week. Showcasing the Spring collections of some of the biggest names in fashion like Ralph Lauren, Anna Sui, Donna Karan and many more, the Lincoln Centre is buzzing with activity.

Couturiers, Celebrities and VIPs from the film, media and fashion industry storm the city for a week of shows and parties centered on the event. And while you and I may not be invited to view the models take to the ramp in beautiful creations, there’s lots happening around town for us fashionistas. The city is enveloped in an air of chic and glam that is contagious!

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Bring out the Popcorn

The New York Film Festival is a highly anticipated event among movie buffs and film fanatics. Screening a list of full-length features, documentaries and short films, the New York Film Festival has the crème de la crème of movies on offer. Since a movie is what inspired me to visit New York, the festival was a natural choice for me. With only 30 films on offer, tickets sell out fast and while there wasn’t really any popcorn available at this elite event, I found plenty of food for thought!

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Soak up some Culture – Broadway, Ballet and The Opera!

Broadway, Ballet and The Opera – The Holy Culture Trinity in NYC!
For, theatre aficionados, fall is a time of premiers and new productions. A Broadway play or musical is an experience of a lifetime, and with a celebrity-studded line up, you may just get to watch your favorite Hollywood star perform in the flesh!

The New York City Ballet is one of the most famous dance companies in the world. With contemporary and classic performances, they cater to the tastes of the young and the purists. The grace, poise and flexibility of these exquisite dancers had me in awe and at the same time, making a mental note to rush to the gym upon my return home!

It is said that for the uninitiated, the opera can be both very powerful and moving or extremely jarring. Opera fans will not be disappointed with the season’s line up at the Metropolitan Opera House. But for those like me, who don’t necessarily have an ear for the arias, just a trip to see the grand auditorium is well worth the visit.

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Conjure up a Costume

On October 31st, join in the fun as thousands flock to Sixth Avenue for the Village Halloween Parade! From over the top scary to outrageously funny, the parade has people in every costume imaginable! Get creative and leave your inhibitions behind, you can be anyone you want on this day!

I went as Morticia Addams, partly due to popular demand (my cousin insisted on it) and partly because a black dress was the easiest thing to acquire at the last minute. I had an unforgettable time and what’s more, I’ve already started planning this year’s costume!

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New York has so much to see and do, I’d be at my desk writing about its delights till next fall! But this post would be incomplete if I didn’t wrap up with some other great stuff to do that’s worth mentioning – Take a ferry down the Hudson River, go pumpkin picking at Queens Farm, have a picnic on Governor’s Island, go wine tasting in the numerous Long Island vineyards, or catch a concert or hockey game at Madison Square Garden! And if you find yourself braving the cold weather towards the end of November, you absolutely can’t miss the world renowned Macy’s Thanksgiving Day Parade!

Now while I sign off, I suggest you hurry up and get packing! The list of things to do in New York is inexhaustible and entirely dependent on personal interests, but this I can assure you, it’s the right time and the best place to be, come this autumn!

About the Author: I am Stephen Rogger, NYC trip planning expert @ TripHobo. Love to attend festivals across the globe, keen on knowing and experiencing different cultures and traditions.

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