Black Me Out Play

Black Me Out Resurrection! tells the story of a young headstrong New Yorker struggling through his demons and conceding to the haunted shadows of his past. Banished to the rooms of Alcoholics Anonymous, Danny must come to terms with more than he can seem to endure. Accepting the responsibility of an ailing mother, the shame of his brother’s death, a fated mentor, mysterious stranger and an unexpected love that comes with more than anyone is ready for. Danny battles through his need of fulfillment, trust, faith and his addiction while knowing nothing of redemption and nothing of recovery. Challenging who he could be with who he might have been, Black Me Out Resurrection! is a necessary realization of a life which one could easily gamble and lose.

Cast Includes: Brian Murphy*, Jessica Carillo, John Warren, Mary Tierney*, Myles O’Connor*, Patrick Bryan Scherrer, Tara Bruno*, Chris Cates and Courtney Torres

Directed and Written by: Seanie Sugrue

Photography by: Kayla David

* Appearing through the courtesy of the Actors Equity Association

September 21-29, 2015
Black Me Out Resurrection! 

Kraine Theater
85 E 4th St
New York, NY 10003