Angeline And Her Tattooed Man Comedy Concert

Angeline And Her Tattoed Man is a concert of comical songs from operettas by Victor Herbert, aka the American master of melody. What’s more? Herbert was also wonderfully witty! That’s why “My Angeline” (aka the human snake) and her beau the “The Tattooed Man” (aka the human picture gallery) are top of the bill for the 2015/16 Season of the Victor Herbert Renaissance Project LIVE!

Artistic director Alyce Mott and Musical Director Michael Thomas have hand-picked a collection of comical songs that celebrate the hilarious humor at the heart of many Victor Herbert scores. Come smile ear to ear, maybe chuckle (and even #LOL along with us 🙂 when you hear songs with lyrics about amorous intrigues and social satire along with music from Herbert’s Dream City and the Magic Knight, The Debutante, Babes In Toyland, Princess Pat, Wonderland, Wizard of The Nile, The Idol’s Eye and more.

For an extra treat, they’ve chosen a few especially funny songs for you, from Herbert’s The Fortune Teller, and The Serenade, to pique your curiosity and give you a taste of what’s coming up later this season from the Victor Herbert Renaissance Project LIVE!

Angeline And Her Tattooed Man:

A Concert of Comical Songs From Operettas
By Victor Herbert

8pm, Wed & Thur, Nov 18th & 19th, 2015
Christ & St Stephen’s Church

120 West 69th St,
New York, NY

$15-$30 online before Nov 17th, visit to get your tickets, or get them for $20-$35 at the door at 7:30pm Nov 18th and 19th.